5 Hotels Where You Can Enjoy Luxurious Breakfast Buffets in Osaka

Recently hotel breakfasts have become very popular for their gorgeous ingredients and deliciousness. Many people go to hotels not to stay but just to get their fill of the breakfast. Here are some hotels in Osaka particularly recommended for their lovely breakfast buffets.


1. The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

"The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is a hotel in Osaka's Umeda area of the highest grade. The breakfast buffet is luxurious in a way that only rich hotels can be. In the breakfast buffet Splendido on the 1st floor, you can order omelets and waffles made fresh to your order. You can choose the ingredients and number of eggs used in the omelets. The waffles are topped with whipped cream, berries, and syrup for a luxurious breakfast. It's so delicious that you'll want more even after you're full. They also have plenty of cereal and fruits on hand, so people who like simple breakfasts can enjoy themselves as well. It costs 3,800 JPY (incl. tax) plus a service charge of 13%."

1. The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

2. St. Regis Osaka

"The St. Regis Osaka is a luxury hotel in a business area. They offer their breakfast buffet at the Italian restaurant La Veduta. It's mostly a buffet, but you can also order a main dish from four varieties, including egg dishes, eggs Benedict, tofu steak, and roasted salmon in the same restaurant. This is great for people who want to eat a lot in the morning. In the buffet corner, they have items like curry, okayu (rice gruel), and even Vietnamese pho! They also have a variety of salads, all of them fresh and crunchy. They offer plenty of pastries and breads, so you can enjoy crispy croissants and brioche early in the morning. It opens at 6:30 am so it's great for people who have to leave early in the morning. Prices start at 4,400 JPY."

2. St. Regis Osaka

3. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka

"Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka falls under the umbrella of the world-famous high-class hotel brand Sheraton. The breakfast buffet is on the 2nd floor at the restaurant and lounge, ""eu"". Eu offers a delicious menu that mixes Japanese and Western cuisines. They make the omelets right before your eyes. Also, they have a great amount of staple foods like rice, bread, and noodles, so it might be good to think about which side dishes will pair best. Also, one of the best characteristics of this restaurant is that they have a Muslim-friendly menu that obtained a certification from the Kyoto Halal Council. They offer dishes like curry-flavored chickpeas and halal minced chicken and steamed halal chicken breast garnished with kecap manis. Muslim people can enjoy their breakfast here without worry. This buffet costs 2,700 JPY."

3. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka

4. The Westin Osaka

"The Westin Osaka is one of the hotels under the luxury hotel chain Westin Hotels. Their breakfast buffet is on the first floor in the restaurant Amadeus. The buffet offers fresh fruits, salad, ham, sausage, and more, but among all their offerings the most recommended is their omelet made right in front of you by chefs at the live station in the center of the restaurant. They also have pancakes and French toast made by chefs right in front of you, so make sure you don't grab more than you can eat! You can gaze at the trees of the Chushizen no Mori (Chushizen Forest) through the 3 story windows in the adjacent atrium while you eat for an elegant breakfast. It costs 3,400 JPY."

5. Rihga Royal Hotel

"Rihga Royal Hotel has been chosen 3 years in a row as the hotel with the most delicious breakfast by TripAdvisor. The breakfast buffet is offered in the lovely All Day Dining Remone terrace restaurant surrounded by water and greenery. The menu has an abundant 80 different kinds of dishes from both Japanese and Western cuisines. For people who want to have Japanese-style breakfast, they offer their own polished rice, prepared fresh only for the amount necessary every day. As side dishes they offer Kansai-related dishes like pickles, such as Narazuke (Nara-style vegetables pickled in sake lees), shibazuke (Kyoto-style vegetables pickled with salt and shiso Japanese basil), Kinokawazuke (pickled daikon radish from Wakayama), Kishu-ume (pickled plum from Wakayama). Why not try some of these with your rice for a lovely Japanese-style breakfast? They also have Akashiyaki, a dish similar to takoyaki in that it's octopus wrapped in a batter made with eggs, wheat, and dashi broth and grilled. It's not often offered for breakfast, so why not try it? If you want to eat Western-style, they have fresh omelets and ham steak, perfect for gaining energy for that day's sightseeing. They also have an abundance of danishes and cereal on offer, so you'll definitely be satisfied. Price is 2,800 JPY (incl. tax and service charge). *This information is current as of April 2016."

You should eat breakfast in order to properly enjoy the day's sightseeing. Definitely use this new information to pick which breakfast buffets suits you the best!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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