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6 Recommended Pancake Shops in Osaka

Pancakes have recently become a popular sweet snack in Japan. There are many pancake restaurants in Osaka, a city known for its food. Here are 6 of the most recommended ones.


1. Shiawase no Pancake Honmachi Branch

Shiawase no Pancake, in Osaka's Nishi-ku, has become highly-rated and is said to bring you happiness from both the appearance and taste of the pancakes. Their best-known pancake is the Shiawase no Pancake (1,100 JPY (tax incl.)), made from manuka honey directly imported from New Zealand and cultured butter. They make it fresh when you order so it takes 20 minutes, but the thick pancake will satisfy you! It's so soft that it feels like it melts the moment you put it in your mouth, and the slightly bitter maple syrup magnifies the deliciousness of the pancake itself. If you'd like, you can get it topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. There are around ten kinds of pancakes, including seasonal pancakes and 100% whole wheat pancakes. Have a little slice of bliss with a delicious pancake and organic blend coffee (200 JPY (tax. incl.))!

1. Shiawase no Pancake Honmachi Branch

2. BROTHERS Cafe Umeda OPA Branch

Close to Hankyu Umeda on the Umeda Line is BROTHERS Cafe Umeda OPA Branch, a cafe produced by a cake shop. BROTHERS Cafe is a pancake specialty shop that's received great acclaim thanks to their delicious pancakes made using fresh cream that has a strong milky taste. They have about ten kinds of pancakes on their menu, including the Souffle Pancake (980 JPY (tax excl.)) that uses merengue so it doesn't collapse during baking, and the Tappuri Ichigo no Pancake (1,260 JPY (tax excl.)) that uses a lot of whipped cream and strawberry sauce in heart shapes for a beautiful plate. They also have a new kind of cookie that has the texture of a scone called a "scookie" as well as other sweets like French toast. This is a restaurant that can satisfy even the biggest sweet-tooth.

2. BROTHERS Cafe Umeda OPA Branch

3. mog Kyobashi Branch

mog Kyobashi Branch is a pancake specialty shop where you can enjoy a variety of pancakes made with ingredients that are only domestically made. There is about 20 variations on the menu, and after 6 PM they offer half-sizes so you can enjoy different flavors. Among them is the Buttermilk Pancake made with buttermilk, a kind of low-fat milk made from butter that has a slight sourness. This pancake is soft and fluffy with a lovely milky taste. It's simple but its flavors have depth, making it a very popular choice. If you want to have something as sweet as possible, they have the Yaki Marshmallow and Lemon Cheese pancake that uses a ton of baked marshmallows. The flavors of this pancake can change with every bite depending on how you eat it. The first bite you can savor the lemon, on the second you can cover it in blueberry sauce, on the third you can eat it with ice cream, and so on until you finish. Your fork won't be able to stop!

4. fulfill

fulfill is a reasonably-priced pancake specialty shop loved by locals. Their pancakes are made using a secret recipe that uses domestic wheat, eggs, and milk to create a fluffy pancake that's moderately sweet. Their menu has about 15 kinds of pancakes, including seasonal pancakes and a fragrant pancake that uses couverture chocolate in its batter. The most popular pancake is the Fruits Garden (880 JPY (tax excl.)) that uses seasonal fruits, ice cream, and whipped cream that's topped with blueberry preserves for a luxurious pancake that balances sweet and sour perfectly. It's in the Tenjinbashisuji shopping arcade, so definitely stop by!

4. fulfill


NORTHSHORE CAFE & DINING is a resort-like cafe that sits on the riverside and boasts a varied menu that offers lots of fruits and vegetables. They have three kinds of pancakes, the Pancake Blueberry (1,300 JPY (tax incl.)), Pancake Tropical (1,400 JPY (tax incl.)), and Pancake Caramel Banana (1,200 JPY (tax incl.)), and all of them are superb! This cafe is known for having a perfect balance in textures in which the pancakes' bottoms are perfectly browned and the inside is moist. The Pancake Tropical is especially popular with women thanks to its lovely appearance made of plenty of fruits. You can only order pancakes from 7:00 am - 11:00 am and then between 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, so make sure to check the menu before you go! Pancakes are the perfect breakfast.


6. ninOval Cafe

The ninOval Cafe in the Enokojima Art, Culture, and Creative Center, is one of Osaka's famous pancake restaurants. Their well-known Yume Miru Pancake (980 JPY (tax excl.)) uses domestic honey, Hokkaido butter, and Jukeiran eggs from Kyoto to create a fluffy, souffle-like pancake. Pancakes made with these eggs have a gentle sweetness that makes them delicious even when plain, but when you add honey and whipped butter it becomes even more delicious! It's recommended that you add maple syrup little by little to your taste. The Chocolate Pancake with Homemade Granola (1,050 JPY (tax excl.)), covered in plenty of chocolate sauce, is also very popular, so why not order both and share with a friend?

You may have an image of pancakes of all being the same, but actually their textures and menus are all varied. Please use this article as a reference when you look for your perfect pancake!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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