Top 5 Recommended Restaurant at the Enormous Underground Shopping Mall “Whity Umeda” in Osaka

"Whity Umeda" is an enormous underground shopping center at the center of Osaka, which expands from Umeda Subway Station to Higashi Umeda Station. Here's a list of the recommended restaurants that can be found in the maze-like "Whity Umeda".

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1. Osaka Tonteki

'"Osaka Tonteki" is a popular restaurant that specializes in "Tonteki" that has even been introduced in several medias. Tonteki means steak of thickly sliced pork marinated in sauce and grilled. There is a difference in the sauce used to marinate depending on the restaurant, but at "Osaka Tonteki", the thick meaty pork loin is sautéed together with garlic, and topped with a soy sauce-based special sauce. There are several items in the menu, such as the "Tonteki Rice Bowl" that has the Tonteki on top of rice, but the most famous menu at this restaurant is the "Tonteki set", which comes with rice and miso soup. It is priced at 820 JPY ( for 200 g, 1,020 JPY ( for 300 g, 1,480 JPY ( for 500 g. It is highly recommended for when you want to eat something hearty.

2. Tako Ume

'"Tako Ume" is said to be the oldest oden restaurant in Japan, having started in 1844 it has been in business for more than 170 years. Oden is a Japanese dish where tofu, white radish, eggs, chikuwa (minced fish meat that is shaped into a cylinder, then grilled), among other ingredients, cooked and flavored with sauce and broth. At "Tako Ume" there are constantly more than 30 items to pick from. And the most popular dish here is the grilled octopus marinated with a secret sauce, the "Tako Kanroni" at 600 JPY (, so don't forget to order it when you go. During lunchtime, the "Oden set" at 750 JPY (, consists of rice, noodles and 6 oden pieces. At night, the "Horo-yoi set" at 1,800 JPY (, that comes with beer, the popular "Tako Kanroni" and 4 oden pieces is recommended. Please do give it a try!

3. Ramen Kotan

Ramen Kotan is a ramen restaurant that is loved in Osaka for 40 years. There are numerous local fans of this ramen, of the secret soup that is rich with collagen, made every morning, has an unchanging taste. The orthodox "Kotan Ramen" priced from 574 JPY (excl. tax), is popular. For most of the ramen menus, you can choose from 3 types of soup; shoyu (soy sauce), miso, shio (salt), but the simple "shio" flavor is particularly popular. The "Gyoza Ramen" priced from 648 JPY (excl. tax), is a ramen topped with crunchy gyozas (mixture of meat, shrimp, vegetables that is stuffed into a skin from flour, and then grilled) is a popular item on the menu. At night, enjoy it with a glass of beer or sake, and enjoy the Umeda night amongst the working men.

4. Rouge et blanc Kohaku

"Route en blanc Kohaku" is a restaurant where you can enjoy real champagne and wine from the morning. They offer reasonable French cuisine, as well as a wide selection of champagne and wine. Their menu is a fusion of Japanese and Western, which matches perfectly with wine. The "Daikon and porcini mushroom sauce" at 194 JPY ( is an especially popular menu with radish served with an ample amount of porcini mushroom sauce. Also, the "Foie Gras Chawanmushi (savory egg custard)" at 518 JPY (, is excitingly delicious. All of the dishes come in small portion, so you can enjoy a variety of dishes. The restaurant is constantly full with people, even though it is in Whity Umeda, so lining up is a must. Even so, this restaurant is worth a visit.

4. Rouge et blanc Kohaku

5. Fukushima Joto Curry

"Fukushima Joto Curry" is a restaurant that specializes in curry that started in Fukushima-ku, Osaka. The subtle sweetness of the vegetables that melted into the curry spreads through your mouth; it is a taste that makes Japanese people feel somewhat nostalgic. And after the sweetness, the spiciness will slowly spread in your mouth. If you want to eat Japanese curry in Osaka, you should pay Fukushima Joto Curry a visit. The most famous is the "Tonkatsu curry" at 800 JPY (, the hearty "Kani koro curry" at 680 JPY ( topped with 3 pieces of crab-cream croquette, is also recommended. There are also toppings priced from 50 JPY ( that you can choose, such as eggs and pickles to put on your curry as you like it.

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There are a lot of unique food that can be found at "Whity Umeda". Apart from the restaurants we introduce here, there are many other amazing restaurants there too! Please look around and find the restaurant that most interests you.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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