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5 Things You Should Do During Spring in Okinawa

The warm climate throughout the year in Okinawa makes it one of the most popular resort destinations domestically. Here are 5 things you can enjoy doing on a warm and comfortable spring day in Okinawa.

1. Ryukyu Kaiensai

The popular Ryukyu Kaiensai event is an entertainment show featuring fireworks and Okinawan music and culture. It welcomes its 14th anniversary in 2017! While fireworks are a typical summer event in Japan, this event is held in spring in Okinawa together with the beach opening season in early April, since it's said that summer in Okinawa comes earlier than anywhere else in Japan.
In a time span of about an hour, 10,000 fireworks light up the night sky, the timing of which is controlled by an automated system. The timing that the fireworks are lit is made to match the music and performances, making for a precise and dynamic show.

Event Date: 8 April, 2017 (Saturday) (※No postponement for rain. Event will be postponed to the following day in the event of strong winds or heavy rain.)

*Picture shown is for the purpose of illustration only.

1. Ryukyu Kaiensai

4-2-1 Mashiki, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa

2. Iejima Lily Festival

The Iejima Lily Festival is held in Lily Field Park on Iejima Island 30 minutes away by ferry from the Okinawan main island. Within the spacious premises, approximately 90 variations of lilies from all over the world, such as the pure-white Easter lily bloom in all their glory, and provide a beautiful contrast to the blue sea and skies. Also, during the event period, a marketplace area is opened, and you can head here to get some food and drinks or some souvenirs. Events showcasing the village's folk dances and folk songs are held in tandem with the Iejima Lily Festival.

Event Period: 22 April, 2017 (Saturday) - 7 May, 2017 (Sunday)

2. Iejima Lily Festival

3087 Aza Higashieue, Ie-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

3. Kayak Among The Mangroves

Mangrove kayaking is a very popular activity. Mangroves thrive in tropical weather, which is why they can only be found in Okinawa within Japan. This activity has been favorably received by tourists, as they are able to enjoy the view of the domestically rare mangroves as they kayak across the waters. Besides the novelty, kayaking under the mangroves provides some welcome shade from the sunny Okinawan sky, which is why this activity is also popular among UV-conscious women and children. The 3 usual starting points for the main island mangrove kayak tours are at Gesashi, Okukubi, and Hija. Besides that, offshore tours to places such as Ishigaki or Miyakojima Islands are also held. This is definitely a great opportunity to get back in touch with nature and observe the delicate balance of the ecosystem!

3. Kayak Among The Mangroves

4. Go For an Introductory Diving Course in The Blue Cave

Next up, we introduce the Blue Cave, a very popular diving spot within the prefecture. While there are a number of places with the same name within Japan, we refer to the Blue Cave located on the Okinawan main island, in Maeda Misaki Cape, Onna-son.
The Blue Cave is a cave that was formed naturally as a result of marine erosion. Its name is derived from the blue tone that is occurs with the reflection of sunlight. Why don't you come to this mysterious blue world and play with the fishes as you snorkel or take an introductory diving course for beginners, no license needed?

4. Go For an Introductory Diving Course in The Blue Cave

469-1 Maeda, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

5. Cafe-hopping

As you enjoy spring in Okinawa, cafes are the perfect places to take a break and recharge. There are many charming little cafes around Okinawa, each with their own personalities, from ones with a magnificent ocean view, to ones surrounded by lush forests, and even ones where lunch is served using plenty of local produce! From the exterior to the interior, every cafe can provide you with a different experience with regard to the local nature and culture, so you can be sure that every relaxing experience is special.

While the average temperature in Okinawa from March to April is around 20℃, it can rise up to 24℃ on a warm day. It can also get really bright and sunny outside, so don't forget to wear some sunscreen! It can get a little chilly at night, however, so it would also be good if you bring a jacket along with you.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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