Enjoy the marine blue sea! 5 Recommended Marine Sports in Okinawa

Okinawa, which boasts of being home to one of the most beautiful seas in the world, is a region where marine sports are thriving. Here are five recommended marine sports, from new sports, up to popular sports and activities that the whole family can do, that will let you enjoy Okinawa’s waters.


1. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is a new sport in which you will be propelled to the air by the water pressure coming from the board that is strapped to your feet. It has been attracting a lot of attention lately for giving people the feeling of riding on water spouted by a whale. It is not as difficult as it looks, as you will be able to stand on the water in about 5 minutes. The flyboarding course requires about 30 minutes. Even beginners can do it! Try the course for experienced riders and the master course, too! In Okinawa, flyboarding is popular in Ginowan Marina, Kanucha Resort in Nago City, and Kourijima, among other places.

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2. Sea Turtle Watching Tour

This is a simple, charming tour where you can meet sea turtles in the waters of the Kerama Islands. Since the instructor will completely help you, even beginners can participate with ease. During the experience, photos will be taken of you with the turtles, and you can take home a CD with the photos. (Tour fee is 2,000 JPY per person, including the price of the CD. You can apply to join on the day of.) No matter how many times you look at the underwater photos, you'll be relaxed by the beauty.
The departure is from Naha's coastal harbor to the Kerama Islands. Required time is 4-6 hours.

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2. Sea Turtle Watching Tour

3. Blue Grotto Experience

The Blue Grotto is a famous spot that people want to check out when they go to Okinawa. It is just a few minutes away from Onna-son by boat. You can choose from various tours available, such as the diving and snorkeling tour, or the tour that will let you experience jet skiing, banana boating, jet boat riding, or U-slalom, after diving. Diving includes being able to feed a lot of fish and anemone. Enjoy a magical swim in the sea and if you want, you can have a souvenir picture of the mysterious blue in the grotto. Guests are guided into the blue grotto one group at a time, so even those who are new to diving will probably be able to relax and enjoy.

4. Kayaking

Riding on a kayak or canoe will let you freely move about on water. You can feel the wind against your body and get that pleasant feeling of being one with nature. There are many plans that will let you fully enjoy nature in Okinawa, including ones where you can go around the national natural monument, the mangrove forests, in the north, disembarking on an uninhabited island and exploring the caves. Kayaks are much more fun than you can imagine as they can be used in any season the whole year, and they do not have age restrictions. If you were to go to Okinawa with your family, then it would be great to experience riding on a kayak that is both safe and fun.

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5. Parasailing

If you go parasailing, you can see the islands of Okinawa from 40 – 50 meters above ground. Parasailing is like tranquilly walking on air while looking at the sea that is made sparkling by the light from the sun. Under the plan that departs from Miegusuku Port that is near Naha Airport, you will be parasailing at a place overlooking Chibishi Islands and Kerama Islands. It is close to the airport, so you can try it out even if you don't have a lot of time. Meanwhile, the plan in Motobu Port, located in the north, will take you to a location that has a view of Sesoko Island, Minna Island, Ie Island and various other islands in the region. Parasailing takes at least 40 minutes. People who are at least 4 years old and healthy can take part in the experience. There’s even a plan wherein parasailing is packaged with whale watching!

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Don’t you feel like actively challenging the deep world of Okinawa marine sports done in the clear waters of the region? These luxurious experiences in Okinawa are waiting for you! Everybody, including families and couples, can create an unforgettable experience by engaging in marine sports in Okinawa.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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