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6 Recommended Beaches in Okinawa

When you talk about Okinawa, the first thing that comes to mind is its beautiful beaches. The main island and the smaller islands all have lovely beaches. Here are 6 recommended ones you should consider.


1. Miyako Island: Yonaha Maehama Beach

"The beautiful white sands of Yonaha Maehama Beach, a 7km beach that is representative of Miyako Island, is about 10km from Miyako Airport. The beach faces Kurima Island, and the sight of the Kurima Ohashi bridge that connects the two islands is wonderful. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset, so you can enjoy the view even if you have no plans to go swimming in the ocean. (Toilets, showers, and shops available)"

2. Minna Island: Minna Beach

"Minna Island is a small island 15 minutes away from the northern part of the main Okinawan island by express ferry from Toguchi Port. It's around 4.6km and is surrounded by coral reefs. This resort island is home to Minna Beach, a beautiful beach with emerald green seas and white sands. You can enjoy many marine sports such as a banana boat or snorkeling, or barbecuing on the beach, so it's great for people that want to have a fun time with friends and/or family. (Toilets, showers, shops available)"

2. Minna Island: Minna Beach

3. Tokashiki Island: Tokashiku Beach

"Tokashiku Beach is the second largest beach on Tokashiki Island. Since most tourists go to Aharen Beach, you can enjoy the quiet leisurely atmosphere of Tokashiku Beach. It's definitely a hidden gem. Near the beach there's a park, so it would also be good to rest in the shade of the trees. Also, this beach is famous for being home to sea turtles, so if you're lucky you might be able to swim with some. In the winter, you can whale watch from Tokashiki Island and around the Kerama Islands, so this island is perfect all year round for people who love marine life. (Toilets, showers, and shops available at nearby establishments) *Photo is for illustration purposes."

4. Ishigaki Island: Sukuji Beach

"Sukuji Beach is a 30 minute drive away from New Ishigaki Airport on Ishigaki Island's northwestern area. This beach is wide and shallow with gentle waves so it's an optimal beach for leisurely swimming. You can see fish around your feet in the shoal. You can spend your time comfortably in the shades of trees on the beach, so it's a perfect beach to bring children to. In the evening the view of the starry night sky is breathtaking. (Toilets and showers available)"

5. Nakijin-son: Shibantina Beach (AKA Ichanda Beach)

"Shibatina Beach is in Nakijin-son in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, about a ten minute drive from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. This beach is completely natural and has been untouched by any seaside establishments. It's not just a beautiful beach, but there's also strangely shaped large rocks on the coast where you absolutely should take photographs. This hidden gem is recommended for people that want to enjoy nature that's been left undisturbed by people. The Nakijin Castle remains, which looks down onto this beach, are the ruins of a castle constructed in the 13th century. It's a ""gusuku,"" a type of ancient Okinawa ruin that has been selected as a World Heritage site. From here you can enjoy a gorgeous view. Why not try to stop by both the ruins and the beach? (No toilets, showers, or shops available)"

5. Nakijin-son: Shibantina Beach (AKA Ichanda Beach)

6. Onna-son: Sun Marina Beach

"Sun Marina Hotel's private beach, with its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beach received the highest grade by a water quality test performed by the Ministry of the Environment. There are various marine sports available for you to try, like easy enjoyments like rocket boats and the Mable towboat, as well as windsurfing, cruising, snorkeling tours, and more. As long as you make reservations you should be able to try them right away. People who want to exhaust themselves playing on the beach will surely be fully satisfied. (Toilets, showers, shops available)"

6. Onna-son: Sun Marina Beach

All of Okinawa's beaches are beautiful, but they each have their own unique traits. Please pick the loveliest beach that matches your goals best.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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