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Top 5 Guest Houses in Kokusai-dori – Naha, Okinawa’s Main Street

Kokusai-dori, the main street of Naha that is the center of Okinawa, is a famous tourist destination that is lined by restaurants, souvenir shops and a wide array of other establishments. Below are five guest houses that are near Kokusai-dori.


GUEST HOUSE KALA is a spot that boasts an excellent location that faces Kokusai-dori Street. A 6-minute walk from Yui Rail’s Kencho-mae Station (Prefectural Office Station), it is a guest house in a renovated 43-year-old building that can only accommodate two groups of guests in a day. There are two types of guest rooms here, comprising the Nalu, that features two beds, and the Ehako, that has futon (quilted mattress that is laid out on the floor), and both rooms are fancy spaces with an ambiance all its own. There are hammocks in every room, too, where you can take it easy and relax while swaying in the wind. Wi-Fi is free in the guest rooms. Smoking is not allowed throughout the entire property.

Rates: From 6,000 JPY ※Please check the booking website for details.


2-1-1, 3F Matsuo, Naha-shi, Okinawa

2. Guest House Umikaji

Opened in March 2017, Guest House Umikaji is a spot that boasts excellent accessibility since it is just a 5-minute walk from Kokusai-dori and a 3-minute walk from Yui Rail’s Kencho-mae Station. Its dormitory-type guest rooms are divided into the mixed dormitory rooms where men and women can stay together, and the dormitory rooms that are exclusive for men and women. There are private rooms that can accommodate a maximum of six guests, too, so it is perfect for families. The floors dedicated to women are fully equipped with auto-lock doors. Furthermore, there is a multipurpose room inside this guest house where you can mingle and have fun with other guests. There is also a laundry facility. Wi-Fi is free throughout the property. There are staff who can speak English.

Rates: Dormitory: From 1,400 JPY, Private room: From 3,960 JPY

2. Guest House Umikaji

1-8-1 Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa

3. Okinawa Guest House Chanpurusou

Chanpurusou is a guest house that is just a 3-minute walk from Kokusai-dori and an 8-minute walk from Yui Rail’s Makishi Station. Its guest rooms are dormitory-type rooms that are exclusively for men and women, with each room fitted with a common shower room and toilet. Ladies will love the dormitories for women because they have a privacy corner that will make it easier for them to get dressed. The common space offers guests the chance to interact with other guests, guest house staff and locals while enjoying potluck barbecue in summer, nabe (hotpot) in winter, and other dishes. There is also a kitchen where guests can cook. Laundry facilities are also available. This guest house also offers snorkeling sets and fishing gear rentals. Wi-Fi is free in the guest rooms.

Rates: Dormitory: From 1,500 JPY

3. Okinawa Guest House Chanpurusou

Chanpuru Bldg., 3-6-3 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa

4. Lohas Villa

Lohas Villa is a guest house that is located just 10 seconds away from the heart of Kokusai-dori by foot! It also boasts excellent access from Yui Rail’s Miebashi Station. Inside this guest house is a relaxing space that will make you feel like you are in an Asian resort. There are 26 guest rooms available here, ranging from the dormitory rooms (separate for men and women) with single beds, up to single to quadruple-sharing rooms. Every room here has a different design, such as the room with a canopy that will make you feel like a princess, and the loft-type room that is popular with all travelers. There are microwaves, electric kettles, refrigerator and laundry facilities. Wi-Fi is free in the guest rooms. There are staff who can speak English.

Rates: Dormitory: 1,600 JPY, Private room: From 2,600 JPY

4. Lohas Villa

Breeze Bldg. 3F, 2-1-6 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa

5. Stella Resort

Stella Resort is just a 3-minute walk from Kokusai-dori and is also close to Yui Rail’s Makishi Station. Aside from the gender-segregated dormitories with single beds, there are also private single, twin and double rooms to choose from here. There are also family rooms that are recommended for families and guests traveling in groups. The shower space has an expansive feeling, so it is very comfortable. There is a Jungle Zone that is inspired by the Yanbaru area in the northern part of Okinawa that is famous for having about 300 flowering trees, as well as a 4m-long aquarium with colorful coral and tropical fish, so you can stay in a space that is filled with a sense of fun. Wi-Fi is free throughout the property. There are staff who can speak English.

Rates: Dormitory: 1,600 JPY, Private room: From 2,100 JPY

5. Stella Resort

3-6-41 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa

The five guest houses featured in this article are not only reasonably priced, they also offer excellent convenience. All of them are found in locations that can be easily reached by just a ride on the Yui Rail, even if you are coming from Naha Airport.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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