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5 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Delicious Okinawa Soba in Okinawa

One of Okinawa's standard dishes is Okinawa soba. Here are 5 famous restaurants that are very careful about their dishes.


1. Sobadokoro Takaraya

Sobadokoro Takaraya has a light soup that they boast about. They use 100% Okinawan natural sea salt, and the soup that uses ground pork and chicken is so delicious you'll drink it down to the last drop. The restaurant's standard Hon Soki Soba (800 JPY for a large, 680 JPY for a small) has the required ingredient for Okinawa soba, soki (spare ribs), sitting on top. The soki has been stewed for hours, so it's soft and has the perfect amount of fat so you can be completely satisfied. The restaurant's characteristic slightly-thick noodles go perfectly with the soup. It's in an area easy to reach from the airport, so it's recommended that you stop by after you reach Okinawa or on your way out.

2. Futami Soba

This restaurant offers Futami Soba (720 JPY), a regional dish that is topped with yushidofu (minced tofu). It also has three slices of soki as well as kombu seaweed. The meat, which was slowly stewed in soy sauce and sugar, goes well with the light tofu. That added with the soup and the noodles creates the characteristic richness of Okinawa soba. The chef is very particular about the soup, using broth made from the local brand of pork called Yanbarushima pork, chicken stock, bonito, and other ingredients stewed for 5 hours to create a gentle Japanese-style flavor. This restaurant was formerly the owner's home that has been reformed into a shop with a calm atmosphere, so it's a perfect place to slowly enjoy Okinawa soba.

3. Horikawa

Horikawa is a cafe-like stylish restaurant hidden away in an alley where you can enjoy Okinawa soba. The homemade noodles are slightly thick and chewy, and they're boiled right after you order so you can have them freshly cooked. The recommendation is Horikawa SOBA Set (1,100 JPY). The fish soup, made with a pork broth and bonito base, is made with their noodles for their original Horikawa soba, and it comes with 4-5 side dishes like purple yam rice balls or fried mozuku seaweed, and you can choose from shikuwasa (Okinawa lime juice) or coffee. This is a great restaurant for people that want to try local dishes outside of Okinawa soba.

4. Shuri Soba

Shuri Soba is such a famous restaurant among locals that it almost always has a line. Their chewy, homemade noodles that take 7 hours to make is one of the reasons for their popularity. Their most popular dish, Shuri soba (600 JPY for a large, 500 JPY for a medium) has soki, sirloin, white kamaboko (steamed seasoned fish paste), and shredded green onions, as is standard for Okinawa soba, and to that they add shredded ginger as an accent. Eating the meat with soup allows you to eat it easier. Also, something that you should definitely try at this restaurant is the Juushii (200 JPY). It's a kind of rice that's a regional specialty. Pork, carrots, kombu seaweed, and more are used as well as a soy sauce-base to give the rice a sweet, gentle flavor. It goes perfectly with Shuri soba, so why not order it as a side dish?

5. Miyazato Soba

Miyazato Soba is a popular restaurant that has been beloved by locals for years. It looks like a large, retro cafeteria, and you can enjoy traditional Okinawa soba. They offer relatively reasonably priced dishes like soki soba (600 JPY (incl. tax)) and soba with rib meat (600 JPY (incl. tax)). The refreshing Japanese-style soup made with bonito and kombu seaweed is added to soft, flat noodles and either rib meat or soki that have been stewed in a sweet-spicy sauce to create a rich Okinawa soba that will help you recharge when you're exhausted by the heat. For people that want to try the Okinawa soba that locals eat or those who want to try it for the first time, this is a restaurant you should check out.

Please enjoy this standard Okinawa dish during your stay!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Mayuka Ueno

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