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5 Recommended Bars on Okinawa’s Main Island

Okinawa features a warm climate all throughout the year, a fact that makes cold beverages taste especially delicious. In addition, any beverage tastes better when you have it in a bar. In this article you will find a selection of 5 bars that we recommend on the main island of Okinawa.


1. BAR Owl

BAR Owl is a hideaway-like bar located in a quiet alley in a business district near Kokusaidori Street in Naha. Here you can enjoy a wide array of alcoholic beverages that include awamori-based cocktails and cocktails made with fresh Okinawan fruits and vegetables, among others.The interior of the bar uses white as its base color to create a relaxed atmosphere, and an array of fruits are set on display on the spacious counter to enhance the Okinawan experience. Their most popular drinks are their fruit-based cocktails, which enjoy a good reputation for actually using plenty of fresh fruit and for being very satisfying. They also offer original cocktails such as the frozen-style Goya Cocktail (900 JPY), made with bitter melonm and the Owl Original Bloody Mary (850 JPY), made with special basil vodka.

2. Helios Pub Kokusaidori

The Helios Pub Kokusaidori is managed directly by the manufacturer of Helios Beer, Okinawa's local beer. Located on Naha's Kokusaidori, it is known for being a pub where customers can enjoy some fresh and delicious Helios craft beer shipped directly from the brewery. They have a few different types of craft beer available, and we also recommend their other Okinawa style beers such as the Goya Dry (525 JPY (incl. tax) for a regular size). Here you will be able to enjoy outstandingly delicious beer which is carefully poured directly from the barrel using a special server! The pub also offers elaborate dishes that go well with their beverages, such as the staple Fish and Spicy Chips (850 JPY) and a surprisingly long Beni Pork Sausage (1,000 JPY) that measures no less than 68 cm! Here you will be able to enjoy the perfect beer for your trip to Okinawa.

3. Bar Sakanashi

Bar Sakanashi, located near Kokusaidori, is a standard bar frequented by the locals where you can enjoy a drink in a quiet atmosphere.At the long, impressive counter, guests can enjoy a variety of Scotch, Bourbon, and cocktails. The skilled owner has been awarded the top prize at cocktail contests in the past, which means that here you will be able to indulge in very delicate flavors. We recommend starting your order with a standard cocktail like a Martini (900 JPY) to taste the difference! You will surely be surprised by how delicious it is. The bar also offers light dishes that go well with alcoholic beverages, such as Penne Arrabbiata (900 JPY) and Homemade Raisin Butter (500 JPY), which will surely keep the drinks going. Box seats are available, which makes this a great place for groups. We recommend this bar to people who want to enjoy a fashionable night out in Okinawa.*Photo for illustration only.

4. SHO-CHU BAR Takayama Ryukyu Bettei

SHO-CHU BAR Takayama Ryukyu Bettei is a dimly lit hideaway-like bar in Naha-shi targeted at grownups. The focus is on Japanese sake, of which the bar offers a selection of over 500 different types, including potato-based, rice-based, and barley based authentic shochu, and awamori from all of Okinawa's 48 breweries. This bar is known to be the best in Okinawa for those wanting to indulge in authentic shochu. Since they have so many varieties available, including rare shochu and awamori types, you will surely find something that you like here! In addition, the dried plum served as an appetizer matches the shochu served with round spheres of ice outstandingly. If you get hungry, we recommend their Roasted Cutlet Sandwich (1,200 JPY). This is the kind of bar where you can casually drop by alone, so how about giving it a try and coming here to indulge in Japanese sake while listening to jazz?

4. SHO-CHU BAR Takayama Ryukyu Bettei

5. BAR Waka

BAR Waka is located within Naha. While it may not look like a bar from the outside, it is very popular for its creative cocktails prepared by their very skilled bartender.Here you will be able to enjoy Japanese-style drinks and dishes inspired by Japanese aesthetics. The drink menu features a wide array of drinks including beer, whisky, and cocktails, and the bar works especially hard on the Japanese style cocktails), such as the Wasabi & Lime Soda Cocktail (900 JPY (incl. tax)) and Miso Rich Bloody Mary (900 JPY (incl. tax)) - these are not available anywhere else and are definitely worth trying! This bar will surely make for great memories of your trip. They also have a selection of dishes available, including their Japanese-style curry that won't lose out in flavor to curry restaurants.*Picture for illustration purposes.

In Okinawa, you can find a wide array of options for bars, ranging from actual orthodox bars to beer pubs. Please use this article as a reference to enjoy some delicious drinks along with the nights of Okinawa!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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