Okinawa is Japan's southernmost prefecture, and it's warm all year round. Okinawa, made of the main island which houses Naha Airport and a number of outlying islands, is a holy land for marine sports and other activities. The Kerama Islands (including Tokashiki Island and Zamami Island) are visited by tourists from all over the world that want to visit the "Kerama Blue," the nickname for the beautiful ocean they're surrounded by. You can reach other outlying islands like Miyako Island, Iriomote Island, Ishigaki Island, and Hateruma Island by taking a ferry or flight from the main island, so you'll be hard-pressed to choose which one to visit. Okinawa can be enjoyed by diving experts as well as beginners that take diving tours, as well as people who want to go snorkeling or whale watching. Okinawa also has a different culture than the rest of Japan. There is plenty to eat and see, like Okinawa soba, made differently from typical Japanese buckwheat soba, stewed pork dishes, Shuri Castle, and more.
The biggest method of transportation in Okinawa is by car. Rent a car after receiving your international driver's license or travel using bus or taxi. On outlying islands and over relatively short distances, you can also use a bicycle.



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