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Some of the Best Places to Stay in Nara! Five Guest Houses Rated Highly on Travel Sites

If you want accommodations at reasonable prices, guest houses are the right choice. Here are five guest houses in the ancient city of Nara with high ratings on online travel sites.

1. Guesthouse Tsunoya

Guesthouse Tsunoya is a stylish guest house in a great location near Nara Park with clean rooms. It has a cafe & bar on site, and there is also a convenience store nearby. Each door has an automatic lock, and there are women's-only toilet and shower facilities. The free Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the building, and there are English-speaking staff.
Accomodation rates:
Mixed-gender dormitory: 3,000 JPY/person and up
Private room (up to three people): 9,000 JPY for two and up
Private room (Japanese style): 8,000 JPY for two and up

1. Guesthouse Tsunoya

5 Higashiterabayashi-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

2. Nara Guesthouse Kamunabi

This is a guest house in a converted old wooden house. The first floor is dormitory-style accommodations, and the second floor has private rooms. There is also a trendy cafe & bar on site. Shared facilities include the kitchen and bathroom. There are slippers, free bathroom amenities, and hair dryers available. It also offers bicycle rentals. Free Wi-Fi can be accessed in the public areas. There are English-speaking staff.

Accommodation rates (sample prices)
Single-sex dormitory: 2,500 JPY/person

2. Nara Guesthouse Kamunabi

1054 Kidera-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

3. Nara Ugaya Guesthouse

This guest house is in a convenient location just five minutes by foot from JR Nara Station. They always have fresh linens and clean toilets (with bidet function) and showers.
There is a mixed-gender dormitory, as well as one just for women (Japanese-style rooms, bunk beds). Shared facilities include a lobby lounge with books about Nara, bathroom, and coin-operated laundry. They offer rental bicycles as well. Free Wi-Fi can be accessed throughout the building. The staff speak English.

Accommodation rates
Dormitories (mixed or women's only): 2,500 JPY/person

3. Nara Ugaya Guesthouse

4-1 Okukomori-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

4. Guest House Route 53

This guest house is in a building with traditional Japanese architecture. It is in a convenient location within walking distance of major tourist destinations such as Nara Park. Shared facilities include the kitchen, lounge, laundry, microwave, and dryers. There is also a free water server (hot and cold) and coffee maker. Free Wi-Fi can be accessed throughout the building. The staff speak English.

Accommodation rates (sample prices)
Single-sex dormitories: 2,314 JPY (excl. tax)/person etc.

4. Guest House Route 53

34-1 Imamikado-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

5. Deer Guest House

This guest house is also in a great location close to major Nara tourist sites. The owner, who is reputed as being friendly and kind, will welcome you. Shared facilities include the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and lounge. It is equipped with a flat-panel TV and PC and is comfortable. Free Wi-Fi can be accessed throughout the building. There are English-speaking and Korean-speaking staff.

Accommodation rates (sample prices)
Mixed-gender dormitory: 2,700 JPY/person
Women's only dormitory: 2,800 JPY/person, etc.

5. Deer Guest House

36 Tsubai-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

The appeal of guest houses is not just the price, but also the opportunity to interact with other travelers. Please refer to this article to find the right guest house for you!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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