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Five LEGOLAND(R) Rides You Don’t Want to Miss Based on Experience!

The opening of the theme park, LEGOLAND(R) Japan, is highly anticipated not only by people in Nagoya and the Tokai area, where it will open, but also by families and LEGO(R) fans around the country. On Friday, March 17, Kinjofuto was full of people from the mass media who gathered for the press preview that was held ahead of the grand opening scheduled for Saturday, April 1. The park has many attractive features, such as the astonishingly elaborate Miniland and original goods that are sure to catch the fans' fancy, but the attractions and rides are really the highlight. There are more than 40 rides and shows, but the park is certain to be crowded when it opens so you may not be able to experience them all. So this time, we choose five rides we recommend you focus on, based on our actual experience on them!

Observation Tower

The entire observation deck rises while rotating slowly, so visitors can look down not just on the park, but also on the city of Nagoya. When you are actually on the deck, your eyes will likely be drawn to the park. Miniland seen from above is fabulous, and you get a great sense of each area. If possible, make this your first ride at the park!

Dragon's Apprentice

A dragon roller coaster that will take you on a ride through a castle. It is the fastest ride in the park with a maximum speed of 57km/h, leading many who have experienced it to comment that it was more thrilling than they expected. Be sure to check out the huge red dragon LEGO(R) model just before you exit.

Submarine Adventure

Get on a yellow submarine to explore an ocean with real fish. With not just fish, but also sharks and rays swimming around in the ocean, it is almost like an aquarium. There are underwater ruins and treasure chests so there will be new discoveries every time you ride it!

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Ride in a car equipped with laser guns to explore the ruins of an ancient temple to recover stolen treasures. Use the laser gun to shoot the variety of targets along the way, and see your score light up. But be careful not to get too engrossed in hitting the targets and increasing your score, lest you forget to notice the reaction when a target is hit, and the elaborate LEGO(R) models all around. Be sure to keep a wide perspective and get a good look at the ruins!

Anchors Away!

This is a Viking ride on a pirate boat that swings back and forth like a pendulum. It doesn't seem to swing much, but it also rotates sideways so it's more exciting than you think. As the boat swings in every direction as if it were riding violent waves, it is a different experience from a conventional Viking ride!


2-2-12 Kinjofuto, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

There are many more attractive attractions, as well as the Lego(R) Ninja Go Live, a live show that we could not experience at the press preview. Some of the rides have height restrictions, so be sure to do your research as you await the grand opening! [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.18.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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