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Fun for the whole family! 5 Amusement Spots in Nagoya

There are plenty of fun sightseeing areas in Nagoya. Here are 5 great amusement facilities in Nagoya recommended for families.

1. Nagoya Port Sea Train Land

This popular leisure spot is near Nagoya Port. Inside the park are 10 different attractions, including the largest Ferris wheel in the Tokai area standing at 85m tall, a merry-go-round and a 4D theater with a 360 degree screen. There are also game centers of the type beloved by kids and a corner of small rides.
While each attraction costs separate fees (for example, 700 JPY (incl. tax) for the Ferris wheel), there's no entrance fee for the park itself, so it's easy to drop by. The discounted free pass is recommended if you want to enjoy multiple attractions.

Free pass: 2,200 JPY for people elementary school aged and older, 1,200 JPY for children between 3 and preschool aged (all incl. tax)

1. Nagoya Port Sea Train Land

1-51 Nishikura-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

2. Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

This popular aquarium is on the pier of Nagoya Port Garden. There are 36,000 specimens of 540 types on display, so you can take a whole day to fully enjoy it. It's split up into two buildings, a north and a south, and each one has various areas like "the Japanese seas" and "the deep sea," areas based on animal evolution with various themes.
A popular attraction is the impressive dolphin performance held in Japan's largest pool! The sight of the dynamically jumping dolphins will definitely excite the whole family. There is plenty of other things to see such as the penguin tank kept at -2°C (28.4°F) in which man-made snow falls, an underwater tunnel, and a giant screen that makes up the Ocean Theater.

Entrance fee: 2,000 JPY for adults and high school students, 1,000 JPY for elementary and middle school students, and 500 JPY for children 4 and older (all incl. tax))

2. Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

1-3 Minato-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

3. Nagoya Leisure Land Otaka Branch

Leisure Land is a popular chain mostly centered in the Tokai area.
This branch on the 2nd floor of the basement of Nagoya Grand Bowl, a bowling alley, and is full of the latest game machines as though it's symbolizing Japan's status as a kingdom of games. They have a wide variety of games available, from medal games to crane games, rhythm games, and more.
There are also other attractions, like purikura machines where you can take fun photos, karaoke, darts, pool, and even table tennis. It's a perfect place to make memories with your family!

*Photo is for illustration purposes.

3. Nagoya Leisure Land Otaka Branch

12-1 Aza-Chujiyama, Otaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

4. Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

This museum will allow you to be completely submerged in world of automobile maker Toyota, near the headquarters of the company in Toyota.
Kiichiro Toyoda was the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation, and his father, Sakichi, built the building as a test factory in 1911 to develop looms, and in 1994 the building was turned into this museum. There's a performance corner where you can see the metalworking techniques up close, the Automobile Pavilion which holds an entire car factory in 7,900 square meters, and other exhibitions where you can truly understand the research and creative spirit held by both Kiichiro and Sakichi Toyoda.
The Technoland corner is recommended for kids! There are 12 original types of playground equipment made with theories and mechanisms used in making cars as well as a library of books aimed towards children.

Entrance fee: 500 JPY for adults, 300 JPY for middle and high school students, 200 JPY for elementary school students (all incl. tax), free for adults 65 and over

4. Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

4-1-35 Noritake Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

5. Legoland(R)Japan

Legoland(R)Japan is set to open on April 1st, 2017! Legoland(R)Japan is a theme park where children aged 2 to 12 and their families can spend a full day of fun. There's plenty to do, including riding on rides, touching and making Lego models, and even enjoy an attraction based on journeying into the world of Lego blocks!
The park is split into 7 areas with more than 40 rides and various shows are also planned. Throughout the park will be 1.7 million Lego blocks and about 10,000 Lego models! It's definitely a park that people are looking forward to.

*Photo is from Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

5. Legoland(R)Japan

2 Kinjofuto, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

These are 5 attractions where kids and adults can enjoy alike. In outdoor areas you can have as much fun as you want, or you can encourage curiosity in cultural centers. Please enjoy your stay in Nagoya as much as possible!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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