An Outdoor Clothing Store Opens in a Renovated 101-year-old Machiya Townhouse

KURA HOLIC ZERO Gifu Utsuboyacho, a unique store that sells outdoor clothing selected from various brands, will open in Gifu on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Located in a renovated machiya townhouse at the foot of Mt. Kinka, it offers a classy atmosphere in which to shop.

The incentive behind opening this unique outdoor clothing store was to "introduce products that can be cherished for a long time, just like a machiya townhouse with a long history."

Incorporate Outdoor Items into Your Lifestyle!

Outdoor items are appealing for their durability, ease of use, and functionality. Many of these items are not only appropriate for outdoor activities such as mountaineering and camping, but can also be worn as casual wear, or even as business wear with suites. KURA HOLIC ZERO Gifu Utsuboyacho sells approximately 2,000 products, such as clothing, bags, and sneakers from more than 30 domestic and international brands such as Patagonia and The North Face. The store has a wide selection of trendy items, as well as products for female customers, and there are always staff with extensive knowledge of outdoor activities on hand to explain the appeal of each brand and the characteristics of each product. Go there to find an item that suites your lifestyle from among the wide-ranging selection of various genres.


43 Utsuboyacho, Gifu-shi, Gifu

KURA HOLIC ZERO Gifu Utsuboyacho is a unique store that sells outdoor clothing. It is a "select shop" that sell products by various brands that is the talk of the town this spring! [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.24.2017]

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