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A Cafe Modeled After Your Name., The Movie that Japan Fell in Love With, Is Now Open!

Your Name. Cafe, a cafe designed in collaboration with the global blockbuster hit animated film Your Name. that was released in theaters in August 2016, has officially opened at the 8th floor of the West Annex of Nagoya Parco on January 27, 2017 (Friday) for a limited time only.

Your Name. Cafe outlets are available only in Nagoya and Ikebukuro (now closed). In Nagoya, the pop-up cafe will be open from January 27th (Friday) through April 3rd (Monday) this year, offering a menu with a lineup that movie fans will love, such as a latte that reproduces the message sent from Taki to Mitsuha, and a bread bowl modeled after Lake Itomori, a major setting. The cafe also offers presents, such as original place mats only available at the shop and limited coasters (randomly chosen from 6 designs) that come with drinks.

Kimi No Na Wa. Cafe@Nagoya Produced by THE GUEST cafe&diner

3-29-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Feel the history of Itomori: Lake Itomori bread bowl with image board card (1,598 JPY)

This is a filling bread bowl with mini pasta. The stew recreates Lake Itomori, while the vegetables around the plate represent the lush greens surrounding Itomori.

Pancakes that Mitsuha, who switched places with Taki, photographed (1,598 JPY)

This dish is inspired by the pancakes that Taki ate at a cafe with Tsukasa and Takagi. The pancakes are topped with a monaka wafer shaped like the smart phone taking that photo in the movie. You can really experience that scene from the film!

Night Sky on the Day the Stars Fell Soda (1,004 JPY)

With this soda, the comet is represented by ice cream and the night sky is made with jelly. This will let you enjoy the texture of jelly and the refreshing taste of the carbonic acid in the drink.

During the run of Your Name.Cafe, a shop for original merchandise inspired by the film will also be open. This shop will reportedly carry about 120 types of products, including mugs (1,620 JPY) and plastic key holders (810 JPY each, with six different designs available), so check them all out!

Head to the Your Name. Cafe, which has completely reinvented the wonderful world of the animated film that has become a national sensation in Japan! [TokaiWalker/淺野倫孝]

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