5 Recommended Ryokan in Nagoya

Nagoya has been famous as a tourist destination for a long time, so there are many historical ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) in this city. Here are 5 selected ryokan for those who love Japanese culture and delicious cuisine.


1. Wafuu Ryokan Shuku Kaifu

Sitting on the coast of the Chita Peninsula, Wafuu Ryokan Shuku Kaifu is accessible in 30 min by car from Chubu Centrair International Airport. The special thing about this ryokan is the location. The scenic open-air bath Tenjo no Yu has an amazing view of the Ise coast that can be seen while bathing. Also, private open-air baths like Hamarikyu, Enseki no Yu (a gravel spa), and Fuugetsu no Yu (a floor spa) can be used 24 hours a day without a booking or additional charge. These baths would be a nice and relaxing place to bathe with your family or partner. The guestrooms have a pure Japanese atmosphere with the scent of lacquer. Any of these rooms is a perfect place to relax while gazing upon beautiful scenery. They also have the luxurious guest houses Hikaru Genji and Koganeori, which has adjacent open-air bath. The delicious banquet dishes they provide are made by using numerous selected local ingredients. This is the perfect accommodation to forget the noise and the stress of reality.

1. Wafuu Ryokan Shuku Kaifu

2. Nagoya Katei Miyoshi

Nagoya Katei Miyoshi is a 5 min walk from the Taiko-dori exit of JR Nagoya Station. This ryokan delivers a sophisticated atmosphere right in the central city. Their banquet dishes, with fresh seafood from Mikawawan and Isewan, are highly recommended, and can be enjoyed either in the guest's room or in a private dining room. They also offer speciality Nagoya cuisine like hitsumabushi and kishimen. The guestrooms of this ryokan can be chosen from the modern Japanese room, which has a different color tone in each room, the large 17.5-jo (approximately 32sq.m.) special pure Japanese Room, and many more. From Mizubasho, the rooftop half-open-air rock bath, you can enjoy a night view of Nagoya while bathing. Don’t miss out on Iwachidori, the special bathing area, where you can enjoy the wood bath, the open-air earthenware bath, and the rock bath. This is an inn where you can spend a relaxing time enjoying delicious Nagoya cuisine. *The photo is for illustrative purposes.

3. The Business Ryokan SAKAIYA

SAKAIYA Ryokan, a 3 min walking distance from Kakuozan Station, is only 15 min by train from JR Nagoya Station on the subway Higashiyama Line. The approach has many old stores and inns, and SAKAIYA Ryokan is one of the oldest, having been in business since 1932. Their motto is "family-like hospitality," so the interior of this ryokan gives the impression of grandmother’s house. Also, because this ryokan is family-owned, the price is very reasonable. Although it depends on availability, it is possible to book one of the bath privately. The satisfying large meals and the owner’s special coffee are also reasons this ryokan is recommended. A ryokan may not be as flashy as the big hotels, but sometimes we’d rather find a place with nostalgic quality to heal an exhausted mind and body.

3. The Business Ryokan SAKAIYA

4. Chita Hantou Umi no Shougetsu

Approximately a 1 hour drive from Nagoya, Umi no Shougetsu is a ryokan located on a plateau from where the ocean of Chita Peninsula can be seen. This ryokan is very spacious, with a great view of the ocean and sky. They have detached guest rooms and 10 maisonette-style rooms. Any of these rooms come with amazing scenery, an open-air bath and a deck to enjoy the luxurious view. The hot spring they provide in 2 shared bath areas, Shirasuna no Yu, springs from 1,300m under the ground. They also have a sauna with infrared light and a bed of rock, as well as an esthetic salon for those who have extra time for relaxation. Dinner is creative Japanese cuisine. The delicious fresh fish and organic vegetables of the Chita Peninsula can be enjoyed in a private modern style dining area. This place is recommended for those who want to experience an indulgent time with gorgeous scenery. *The photo is for illustrative purposes.

4. Chita Hantou Umi no Shougetsu

5. Kyoya Ryokan

Kyoya Ryokan is a convenient and reasonable accommodation, accessible within 7 min by taxi from JR Nagoya Station. It is a rather small ryokan with only 9 rooms, and has a delicately cared for Japanese garden to calm the mind. Of all the rooms at this ryokan, the rooms Tsubaki no Ma, which has a Japanese style veranda, Sugi no Ma, and Kashiwa no Ma, where you can peek at the garden through a yukimishoji (a paper sliding door with a glass window at the bottom), are special for their Japanese atmosphere. Additionally, the urban Japanese-style suite rooms Fuji no Ma and Kaede no Ma have a sophisticated and stylish feel. The dinner they offer includes Nagoya specialty cuisine like hitsumabushi and the delicious Nagoya Kochin chicken hot pot. This is a very satisfying ryokan with attractive features characteristic of Japanese-style accommodation and high quality Nagoya cuisine.

Did you find a ryokan that interests you? Nagoya has unique characteristics that are different from Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. We hope you find the special accommodation that will make your journey extra memorable.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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