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Legoland (R) Japan’s Grand Opening! Check Out the Cuisine

Legoland (R) Japan had its grand opening on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. It's a theme park that has not just attraction and shops, but also 13 different food places. There are 5 restaurants and 8 stands built to match the worlds within the 7 areas. Here are some dishes you should definitely try if you go to Legoland (R) Japan!

At Brick House Burgers in the Lego (R) City area, there are a variety of hamburgers you can try. The most recommended one is the Beef Burger (690 JPY), made to the chef's careful directions. The patty is 100% beef, made with specially delivered meat of mostly high quality red meat, and will allow you to fully enjoy both the taste and texture of the meat. In the same Lego (R) City area, there's the Marina Snack Shack, where the hot dogs are easy for even kids to hold and are great examples of street food. You can choose between Ketchup (500 JPY), Cheese, or Chili (550 JPY each).

Brick House Burgers' Beef Burger (690 JPY)

Marina Snack Shack's Hot Dogs (Ketchup 500 JPY, Cheese and Chill 550 JPY each)

In the Adventure area, there's Oasis Snacks, where you can get Lego (R) Fries (450 JPY), French fries with an impressive appearance! These fries are made into 2 types of Lego (R) block shapes, and the outside is crispy while the inside is soft and hot. They're thick and filling, and have just the right amount of salt to be addicting. There are other items on the menu as well, such as snacks like churritos or a drink that you can order along with the fries.

Nearby is the Coral Reef Pizza & Pasta Buffet, where you can enjoy 6 types of pizza that change with the seasons or 3 types of pasta that go great with sauce, as well as salad, dessert, and drinks. The all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet costs 1860 JPY for adults, and 1180 JPY for children between ages 3 and 12.

Oasis Snacks' Lego (R) Fries (450 JPY)

The Knight's Table Restaurant in the Knight's Kingdom area has the biggest number of tables and dishes within the park, and you should definitely check out the French Toast Anko and Whipped Cream (400 JPY) there. They caramelize the French Toast to bring out the aroma and a crunchy texture.

On top of that, they layer tsubuan (coarse sweet red bean paste) and whipped cream in the style of Nagoya's famous Ogura toast. They also have western dishes like Roast Beef and Gravy (1700 JPY) and Japanese dishes like the Kishimen and Sushi Set (1400 JPY), so if you don't know what to eat, check out this restaurant.

Knight's Table Restaurant's French Toast Anko and Whipped Cream (400 JPY)

Night Table Restaurant's Kishimen and Sushi Set (1400 JPY)

This is just a portion of what is sold at Legoland (R) Japan! They also have restaurants like the Chicken Diner, where you can try all sorts of chicken dishes, in the Bricktopia area, as well as the Factory Sandwich Co. cafe in the Factory area.

Legoland (R) Japan

2-2-12 Kinjofuto, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.10.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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