Check Out the New Awa-kei Ramen Gaining Popularity in the Tokai Region!

We introduce popular ramen shops in Nagoya, where you can have "Awa-kei Ramen (frothy ramen) with a frothy top layer of soup that can be eaten together with the noodles to achieve mildness even with rich soups.

There is a type of ramen that is gradually gaining popularity in the Tokai region, where there is already a wide variety of local ramen such as Taiwan Ramen, Taiwan Mazesoba, and Viet Cong Ramen. It is the local noodle called "Awa-kei Ramen" (frothy ramen) from Kyoto that is popular primarily in the Kansai area.

Kuuan (Arimatsu)

This is a ramen shop run by an owner who was previously a chef of traditional Japanese cuisine. It is known for the choice of ingredients and the beautiful presentation that reflects the chef's experience. The Yoshichi Ramen (950 JPY), which was introduced last October, has a soup based on a lamb stock made by simmering for 24 hours and white koji miso from Nakaroku Shoten, a long standing shop in Kanazawa. Homemade noodles that are chewy and firm are combined with this soup, creating a visually stunning dish.

Aigoya (Hotta)

This is a ramen shop that the owner, who worked at a pasta restaurant and discovered ramen at a noodle processing factory, opened after 14 years. It's specialty dish is the Kinka Soba (850 JPY), a flat noodle made pasta-style with durum flour served in a soup with egg yolk. Aigoya was selected the top new restaurant in Aichi in RamenWalker's Grand Prix 2015.

Oyakoko (Kogane)

This is a restaurant famous for its chicken paitan soup made with stock from older hens that have been raised for a long period of time to put on a fair amount of fat. It's popular Tori Paitan Namajyoyu (750 JPY) is served in a soup made with the stock from the older hens and Japan's best soy sauce from Tokyo. The stock and soy sauce are used as is to bring out the aroma and taste, so that even the froth has umami flavors that go well with the noodles.

Grab the chance to try these ramen that are beautiful to look at and are sure to be a hit on social media platforms such as Instagram. 【TokaiWalker】

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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