Centrair’s Food Court Reopens with Seriously Good Restaurants Worth Going For!

The renovated food court on the fourth floor of Chubu Centrair International Airport had its renewal opening on Thursday, December 15, 2016.

In addition to Curry House CoCo Ichibanya opening its first vegetable-themed branch, there will be eight new restaurants including new types of businesses, and those that are opening in the Tokai region for the first time. We attended the sneak preview held the day before opening to find out about the rumored addition of a variety of new gourmet food that can only be enjoyed there.

Is this really CoCo-Ichi!? It's So Fancy with Big Vegetables and Mixed Grain Rice

Our first stop at the food court was Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, otherwise known as "CoCo-Ichi." This is a new type of CoCo-Ichi that focuses on vegetables. The restaurant is designed with lots of green to promote the vegetables. We ordered our curry wondering what the difference would be since there has always been tons of vegetables as toppings on CoCo-Ichi curry, and was pleasantly surprised to get a dish that is un-CoCo-Ichi-like in a good way.

The Irodori Yasai-no Vegi Curry (950 JPY) was served on a stylish elliptical dish, unlike the flat dishes CoCo-Ichi curry is usually served in. With mixed grain rice, large pieces of colorful vegetables, and lemon and coriander served on a separate plate, it was like a dish at a fancy cafe! The curry is mild, with the sweetness of the vegetables seeped thoroughly into it. At standard CoCo-Ichi's, you can choose the amount of rice you want and the spiciness of your curry, but here, there is no choice of spiciness, and only two choices of rice portions (150g and 300g). This seems to indicate CoCo-Ichi's confidence in this new type of restaurant that they've worked so hard on.

Bowls Overflowing with Fresh Seafood! Super-authentic Seafood Bowls by a Respected Sushi Restaurant

Next we stopped in Sakanaya-no Donburi Uojo, run by Uojo, a sushi restaurant that opened in 1907. Uojo is famous for its sushi-go-round restaurants that offer fabulous bang for the buck, so if they were opening a restaurants dedicated to rice bowls, there was no way we were passing it by. We ordered the Uojo Honki-no Kaisen-don (1814 JPY), with more than ten types of seafood generously stacked on the rice, including seafood brought in at the local Toyohama fishing port (on this occasion, the octopus, Japanese black porgy, and spiny red gurnard were from the local port).

The ingredients are all super fresh! It is as would be expected of Uojo that they procure the best fish every day, so customers can enjoy different ingredients whenever they visit. And that is not all! We were so enthralled by the taste of Uojo Honki's seafood bowls that we forgot to take photographs, but the Uojo-don also comes with tons of seafood piled on it.

Deep-fried Pizza by a Big Name French Restaurant? Get There Before the Lines Form!

We were starting to get full, but wanted to try just one more restaurant! So we went to the deep-fried pizza restaurant, Napoli Dia, run by the famous Bistro Dia French restaurant that is hard to get reservations at. We asked the owner-chef, Daisuke Mizuguchi, why a French restaurant was opening a pizza place. The response was that he "chose pizza as a means of applying French techniques for sauces and in the cooking process to casual Italian." Chef Mizuguchi went all the way to Naples to select the pizza flour, tomatoes, and cheeses.

This is Chef Mizuguchi's specialty Margherita (734 JPY). It's appearance reminded our editorial staff, Ito (from Mie), of the local Mie Tsu gyoza dumlings, but when you break the crunchy crust, ingredients full of the scents of Naples are revealed. With the buffalo mozzarella melting out, fresh tomatoes, and aromatic basil, there is no way it's not fantastic! The flavors that are not too rich and the perfect balance between the crust and ingredients must be what Chef Mizuguchi calls the French technique. What a pleasure to be able to enjoy this in a food court without making reservations!

A Bigger Eat-in Space to Enjoy the Airplanes While Dining!

There are many other unique restaurants such as the third outlet following Tokyo and Yokohama by the soup restaurant, TRUE SOUP, and Longhu Air Kitchen, an amazing collaboration between two big name restaurants, Longhu Dining and Ikkou Sakigake-do. The number of seats to eat at has increased from 139 to 201, and there is a new sofa area facing the Sky Deck. It is a uniquely Centrair experience to enjoy a meal while watching the planes come and go.

The renewal this time has brought together even more attractive restaurants than before. Don't just stop by when you're flying, but think about enjoying the gourmet food at Centrair and seeing the nearby sights! 【TokaiWalker/堀田裕貴】

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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