5 Restaurants Which Serve Delicious Tebasaki, A Nagoya Specialty

There are many dishes that fall under the category of "Nagoyameshi," dishes that originate in Nagoya, including hitsumabushi (grilled eel on rice), misonikomi udon, and kishimen flat noodles. One of the most famous is tebasaki, fried chicken wings. Here are 5 restaurants which serve delicious tebasaki in Nagoya.

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1. Furaibo

Furaibo is a restaurant that serves original fried chicken wings (450 JPY for 5 pieces per person) seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce as its specialty. It is famous for being the first tebasaki restaurant. The pleasant smell of the crisply fried tebasaki and its juicy, sweet and spicy taste is addictive, and will make you want to pop them one after another into your mouth. There's a way to eat tebasaki with your hands, with a manual on the table as a reference. It's possible to eat it without leaving any meat on the bones. It goes very well with alcohol, and is a popular menu among children too. The Meieki Century Toyota Building Branch has seats at the counter and a chic atmosphere. English menu is available as well.

2. Sekai no Yamachan

Sekai no Yamachan has a specialty tebasaki (430 JPY for 5 pieces per person ( which is crispy and spicy. It comes with so much salt and pepper that it is recommended for adults and might be too much for children. The spicy karaage and draft beer go very well together! You might end up eating a lot of it with a glass of beer in your hand. There's a particular way of eating it written on the menu, so try to eat it without leaving any meat behind.

2. Sekai no Yamachan

3. Torikai Meieki Minami Branch

This restaurant offers tebasaki made with Nagoya Cochin (720 JPY for 3 pieces (incl. tax)). Nagoya Cochin is one of the top three popular and nationally protected chicken breeds in Japan, and it's an Aichi specialty. Its characteristics are rich umami of the meat as well as the texture. You can eat Nagoya Cochin tebasaki with red wine-based sauce or homemade blended salt. It is a bit pricier than the tebasaki introduced earlier, but each piece is big and filling. For those who want to taste the difference between a normal young chicken and Nagoya Cochin, try the tebasaki tabekurabe set with 2 pieces of Nagoya Cochin, 2 pieces of a normal young chicken (720 JPY (

3. Torikai Meieki Minami Branch

4. Torigin

Torigin, a restaurant offering only the freshest and top-class Nagoya Cochin, serves plump and delicious tebasaki. They use chicken that's processed the same day it's slaughtered, so it's very fresh! You can relax and savor other Nagoya Cochin dishes as well as tebasaki. This restaurant has a history of about 40 years and a Japanese atmosphere, and you can gaze at the garden from the private room to forget the chaos of the city. This restaurant has heartfelt service as well, such as the hostess coming to greet the customers at every table.

5. Nagoyateki Wafu DINING Maka Maka

This restaurant offers two kinds of tebasaki, kin no tebasaki and gin no tebasaki (both come with 4 for 680 JPY) using Nagoya Cochin from the Kumano area. "Kin no tebasaki" is an addictive dish which comes with special soy sauce made from blended local soy sauce, and topped with ajime pepper and cayenne which has sweetness in its spiciness. "Gin no tebasaki" comes with salty sauce which has a hint of garlic with black sesame used to make it look like oxidized silver. The moment you taste it, the umami spreads in your mouth. They are very specific about the food they serve and make sure that most of the seasonings used are from the local Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie). They also have jidori no tebasaki, tebasaki made using nationally protected chicken (available in both kin and gin styles, 680 JPY each). They have menus in foreign languages such as English and Chinese.

5. Nagoyateki Wafu DINING Maka Maka

It is only in the founding city Nagoya that you can eat such variety of tebasaki. Savor tebasaki unique to each store, from those with standard sweet and spicy sauce to the ones made with nationally protected chicken breeds.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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