Five Popular Tsukemen Shops with Waits in Nagoya

Nagoya has its own, unique food culture. The tsukemen dipping noodles there are quite good! A lot of thought goes into both the noodles and soup! Here are five tsukemen shops with queues in Nagoya.

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1. Maruwa Haruta Main Branch

This shop is in a quiet town four minutes on foot from Haruta Station on the JR Kansai Main Line. The recommended item is the Maruwa Tsukemen (830 JPY). It comes with a seafood and pork bone based soup that is rich but not cloying and has a pure taste that can get one hooked. The soup comes in a stone pot so it stays hot till the end. The thick, chewy, homemade noodles are outstanding! The noodles effectively soak up the rich soup so that the taste of the noodles and soup complement each other. It is no wonder people line up to eat here.

1. Maruwa Haruta Main Branch

2. Kanayama 55 (GOGO)

This is a tsukemen and ramen shop two minutes by foot from Kanayama Station. The recommended dish is the Rich Tsukemen (820 JPY, incl. tax). It is a classic tsukemen with rich seafood and pork bone soup and extra thick noodles. Here, at Kanayama 55, there is a induction cooktop on the counter. This is for the final bit of enjoyment after you finish the noodles! You put the dipping sauce container on the induction cooktop and once it starts to boil, put the rice in and wait. A fresh egg is provided for free, so beat the egg and mix it in to get a zosui (Japanese-style risotto). Don't forget to enjoy the final zosui.

2. Kanayama 55 (GOGO)

3. Menya Sakura

This is a popular restaurant right by Gokiso Station. The seafood fragrance of its rich seafood-based soup will whet your appetite. The large serving of noodles is extra-thick whole-grain noodles with a strong yellow tint. These, in combination with the rich soup with a punch, create a balanced dish with the fragrance of wheat. Menya Sakura started a store in Jakarta, Indonesia and it was so popular it opened four stores in no time. Please enjoy the taste that is popular both in Japan and abroad.

4. Mametengu Kanayama Branch

This restaurant is in an alley two minutes by foot from Kanayama Station on the Meijo Line. The recommendation is, of course, the tsukemen (750 JPY (incl. tax)). The soup has a double stock of meat and seafood and is flavored mostly with soy sauce with yuzu citrus adding to the aroma. The noodles are thick, flat noodles with the fragrance of wheat and a chewy texture that goes well with the soup. It's actually rare to find a place such as this that serves soy sauce-based tsukemen among all the shops serving tsukemen with rich, meat-based soups. There is also a branch in Central Japan International Airport Station.

4. Mametengu Kanayama Branch

5. Nakamuraya

This restaurant is located five minutes on foot from Jingumae Station on the Nagoya Main Line. It's a little difficult to find, but always has a queue. The recommended item is the Shrimp Tsukemen, which is hard to find elsewhere. You will be able to smell the shrimp's rich fragrance the moment it is brought to your table. When you put the thick noodles soaked with the rich soup in your mouth, you'll be hit by a burst of shrimp flavors. Once you're finished with the noodles, you should put white rice in the remaining soup. This way, you can enjoy the rich shrimp soup to its last drop.

The tsukemen restaurants that require queuing that we have introduced here are all in convenient locations close to stations. Each one has its unique characteristics, so try a few for comparison.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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