5 Recommended High-Class Sushi Restaurants in Nagoya

There are plenty of high-class sushi restaurants in Nagoya, but here are 5 recommendations of the best among them.

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1. Sushi Hijikata

Sushi Hijikata is in Nagoya's famous business district, Nishiki. The high-class interior is made up of an arc-shaped counter that seats 10 and 2 private rooms in the back. The menu only has one dish on it, the omakase course (15,000 JPY) in which the chef chooses what to serve you. Everything is made using carefully selected ingredients that are locally bought or come from Tokyo's Tsukiji Market. The course comes with various dishes like Saikyo-grilled Japanese butterfish and steamed abalone as well as nigirizushi. Saikyo-grilled fish is fish grilled using a sauce made with Saikyo white miso from Kyoto. The refreshing sushi rice brings out the flavor of the ingredients to make a perfect sushi! Why not enjoy the best sushi you can have in a luxurious space to your heart's content?

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2. Amaki

Amaki only just opened in 2015. The menu consists of the 13,000 JPY omakase course only. It's a rather reasonable price for high-class restaurants, and it was made with the goal of offering a variety of detailed and original meals and nigirizushi. The sushi is extremely carefully prepared, with the type of sushi rice that's used changing on the type of ingredients. Since the course is delivered extremely slowly, you can leisurely enjoy sushi while drinking, sake, shochu, wine, or something else off of their large liquor list. It would be good to visit with plenty of time.

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3. Koshino

Koshino is one of the best-known popular sushi restaurants in Nagoya. The omakase courses featuring small plates and sushi are around 10,000 JPY - 15,000 JPY. Depending on the season, the carefully selected ingredients are prepared down to the smallest detail in order to offer the very best sushi. The standard sushi ingredients like Japanese tiger prawn, mackerel, and conger eel, are particularly well-received. Also, at lunch there are reasonable priced courses including 8 pieces for 3,000 JPY, 10 pieces for 4,000 JPY, and 12 pieces for 5,000 JPY, so it would be good to go for an easy visit. Please enjoy the sushi that you can only try here!

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4. Tatsufumi Shiten

Tatsufumi Shiten is a fashionable sushi restaurant with a red counter that is hidden away. The menu consists only of an omakase course (10,000 JPY) that starts with salad, six small dishes including tiger globefish sushi and parboiled tiger blowfish skin, 10 kinds of nigirizushi and makizushi, and miso soup. The research-loving owner makes sushi using only the best ingredients, so sushi connoisseurs say that this restaurant offers sushi that's worth more than its actual price. Reservations are often full, but please try to add it to your itinerary when you visit Nagoya.

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5. Sushinoyoshino

Sushinoyoshino is known as Nagoya's number one sushi restaurant, and it's so popular that you can only make a reservation if you come with someone that has already been before. However, if you have the opportunity, you should definitely take the chance to go. The dignified hinoki cypress wood counter offers a calming atmosphere. The menu consists of omakase courses costing 15,000 JPY - 20,000 JPY (excl. tax and service fees). They mostly offer seafood caught in Mikawa Bay and Ise Bay, except for the tuna which comes from Tsukiji Market. You can fully enjoy small plates and sushi made with delicious seasonal fish. Something that you'll definitely never forget is the conger eel nigirizushi. This is a product that you must try if you come to this restaurant.

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Please find a restaurant to try when you're visiting Nagoya! Don't forget to make prior reservations.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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