5 Selected Restaurants for Nagoya’s Specialty, Kishimen

Kishimen, a type of flat noodle, is one of the famous specialties of Nagoya, and is one of the popular types of noodle in Japan. It is a significant dish which has been loved by local people in Nagoya for a long time. Kishimen is commonly served with rich bonito-based soup. Here are 5 selected restaurants where you can enjoy delicious kishimen.


1. Ekikamakishimen

Ekikamakishimen is a restaurant located very close to the central gate exit of JR Nagoya Station. This restaurant offers soy sauce, salt, and miso flavors. Miso Kishimen with Nagoya Cochin chicken (910 JPY (incl. tax)) has a delicious combination of red miso and broad bean chili paste to season the chicken and noodles. There are many people who order tenmusu (a rice ball with prawn tempura inside) (230 JPY ( kishimen. Cochin Nanban Kishimen is popular for its simple taste, and comes in both soy sauce and salt flavors. The draft beer and Mini Kishimen combo is also in high demand. This restaurant can be visited easily while waiting for a train. Ekikamakishimen is open from 7:00 am.

1. Ekikamakishimen

2. Osu Kishimen

Osu Kishimen is a stand-and-eat restaurant located in Sun Road, one of the underground markets of Nagoya Station. This restaurant is popular for offering authentic Nagoya kishimen at a reasonable price. Osu Kishimen’s noodles are smooth and chewy, and are served with a mild soup and plenty of bonito flakes on top. It has a flavor that can be appreciated by any generation. Of all their dishes, the top recommendation is the Karaage Kishimen (520 JPY (incl. tax)). It has a variety of toppings like stick-shaped fried chicken karaage, prawn tempura, and deep-fried chikuwa (fish cake). The noodles are served either hot or cold, depending on your preference. Although it is a stand-and-eat restaurant, there are many female customers (stand-and-eat restaurants are commonly frequented by men). This is a restaurant where anyone can enjoy the taste of authentic Nagoya noodles.

3. Azuminoan Nagoya Station Branch

Azuminoan is located in Meichika, one of the underground markets of Nagoya Station. While this is a famous restaurant for Shinshu soba, a popular on their menu is kishimen. The popular lunch dish, Nagoya Kishimen Set (908 JPY (excl. tax)), comes with a miso katsu skewer and delicious prawn tenmusu. The Nagoya Specialty Course has tebasaki (Nagoya-style chicken wings) and a miso katsu skewer with kishimen. These are great dishes for those who would like to enjoy the specialties of Nagoya all at once.

3. Azuminoan Nagoya Station Branch

4. Nagoya Maruhachi Shokudo

Nagoya Maruhachi Shokudo situated in Nagoya Lucent Tower near Nagoya Station, is a place where famous restaurants offering Nagoya specialties are gathered. This place has the dining atmosphere of a decade ago, and offers most specialties of Nagoya like kishimen, miso katsu, Nagoya cochin, hitsumabushi (eel rice bowl) and tenmusu. Ganso Futomen offers kake-kishimen (580 JPY (excl. tax)), served either hot or cold. Nagoya Maruhachi Shokudo also has famous restaurants like Yabaton, which offers authentic tonkatsu, Unasho, a famous restaurant for hitsumabushi, and Torikai Sohonke, a Nagoya cochin cuisine restaurant. This place is recommended for those dining with a large group, or if you’re feeling indecisive about what to eat.

4. Nagoya Maruhachi Shokudo

5. Yoshidamen ESCA Branch

Yoshidamen is a long-established restaurant located in ESCA, one of the underground markets of Nagoya Station. Their original noodles are made in their own factory, made only with flour and salt without any additives, and have been ever since their establishment in 1890. Their noodles have a strong texture, which has a clear difference from ordinary kishimen. The soup is made with five different kinds of fish, like bonito and mackerel, and matches perfectly with the noodles. Their high quality kishimen (680 JPY (incl. tax)) is recommended hot for winter, and cold for summer. Yoshidamen’s Habahiro Kishimen can also be purchased as a souvenir at Nagoya Miyagedokoro (not available at the restaurant). This restaurant is a must-try when in Nagoya.

The name kishimen is said to be a corrupted form from the sound of the root kishumen. Kishumen is a style of noodle made in Kishu (around Wakayama today), a place given to a feudal lord of Nagoya. It might have been a souvenir from Kishu, which then became a specialty of Nagoya. The restaurants introduced in this article have not only delicious kishimen, but also various other specialties. Please enjoy the food culture of Nagoya.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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