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5 Izakaya in Nagasaki for Delicious Local Sake and Shochu

Nagasaki is a place where you may enjoy both locally made Japanese sake and shochu, which is something rare in the country. Here are five 5 izakaya (Japanese gastropub) where you may enjoy both of these drinks.


1. Hasshu Nagasaki Shiambashi Branch

This restaurant offers dishes that make use of ingredients local to Kyushu such as black pig from Kagoshima, horse meat from Kumamoto, and bluefin tuna from the surrounding seas. Hasshu-Mori is an exquisite looking dish, which costs 950 JPY (incl. tax) for one person. Please take note that the restaurant only accepts orders for this dish for 2 or more servings. Come take the time to enjoy the delicious food Kyushu has to offer, which are perfect alongside some drinks. They serve many shochu (distilled liquor) brands which bring out the fragrance of the food, including"Sekitoba" for 756 JPY (incl. tax) and sake like "Sasshu Masamune" which is a Kagoshima product for 1,058 JPY (incl. tax), as well as many others. You may enjoy a luxurious time here as completely private rooms are available.

1. Hasshu Nagasaki Shiambashi Branch

2. Kaze to Tsuki

Kaze to Tsuki is a cozy bar run by a married couple. Here you may enjoy a variety of dishes made with ingredients local to Nagasaki. They mainly serve fish - you should try the "Omakase Sashimi Assortment," which makes use of fresh fish from the waters of Nagasaki. The dishes are reasonably priced and the one in the picture shown is an affordable price of 1,500 JPY. You may also avail of about 25 types of Nagasaki-made shochu recommended by the owners of the restaurant. They also serve sake or rice wine, where you may pick from about 35 types of drinks from Nagasaki-made sake, to newly brewed seasonal ones, summer drinks, hiya-oroshi, and nigori. The staff here speak English as well, so you may ask them for their recommended drink.

3. Ayadori Nagasaki Ekimae Branch

This restaurant serves delectable dishes made with chicken raised in the prefectures of Kyushu. One dish you should try out here would be the "Meibutsu Hinadori no Hanmi no Karaage" which costs 1,058 JPY (incl. tax). This is a dish of an entire fried chicken, including chicken wings, wingettes, drumettes, breast, leg and belly. The restaurant offers shochu such as "Kuro-Kirishima" for 486 JPY (incl. tax) and other drinks which would complement the fried foods as well as liquor made from plums and other fruit. You may also avail of the all-you-can-drink plan for 1,000 JPY even if you do not reserve a course meal.

3. Ayadori Nagasaki Ekimae Branch

4. Nagasaki Burari

This bar offers freshly harvested, organic vegetables grown at their own farm called Ohisama garden, as well as fresh fish from Nagasaki and homebred chicken from Tsushima, and Nagasaki black cattle. You may avail of the sashimi here made with fish local to Nagasaki as well as some slipper lobster sashimi that can be tailored to your budget. You may enjoy some shochu to go along with the food, whose bottles adorn the restaurant walls from the ceiling to the ground. They serve over 100 kinds from a reasonable price of 420 JPY (incl. tax) and above. You can find a variety of Nagasaki drinks here, starting from the Nagasaki shochu, as well as premium drinks such as "Murao" and "Mao," which are difficult to come by. This restaurant has an English menu available.

4. Nagasaki Burari

5. Ibukichi

This bar offers fresh seafood from Nagasaki as well as top-notch local brewery. You may enjoy the fresh Nagasaki fish in a special plate called "Special Sashimi Assortment" from 1,000 JPY (excl. tax) for one serving. You have many high-quality local drinks to choose from to enjoy with the fish, starting from the delicious rice wine, shochu (potato, barley, rice) (starting from 500 JPY (excl. tax)) from places in the Kyushu region starting from Nagasaki. The staff here will pick out the best drink to go with the seafood you have ordered. The store recommends you to drink the Japanese sake cold. Have a taste of the fresh fish with some cool, refreshing sake.

Local brews are definitely what would go best with Nagasaki seafood and kyodo ryori (regional specialties). Nagasaki may be known best for its culture of shochu, but you may also find Japanese sake here in abundance. Won't you share some of your memories of Nagasaki with some delicious food and local brewery?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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