Nagasaki, in the northwestern part of Kyushu, is a prefecture with a unique culture that came about from Nagasaki being the only place in Japan that actively traded with foreign countries when Japan severely limited outside contact. The cuisine that represents that culture best is called "shippoku ryori." It's a course cuisine made of dishes that fuse Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch cuisine and is eaten at a round Chinese-style table. You can't miss their other dishes, such as the Nagasaki champon and sara udon that are positively overflowing with ingredients! There's also Toruko rice and Nagasaki's special milkshake - dishes that you can only find in Nagasaki! For souvenirs, you should definitely pick up castella, a baked sweet that has its route in Portuguese pastries. For sightseeing within Nagasaki, check out Dejima, which flourished as the entry for foreign trade; Glover Garden which has Japan's oldest Western-style wooden architecture; Nagasaki's Shinchi Chinatown, one of Japan's top three Chinatowns; Mt. Inasa, said to have a million dollar night view; and Hashima Island, which is now a World Heritage Site. There's plenty to see outside of the city limits, like Huis Ten Bosch, the famous port town of Sasebo, and many outlying islands where you can enjoy beautiful nature and history such as Iki Island, Tsushima, and the Goto Islands. When you're tired of sightseeing, please relax in the Shimabara and Unzen areas, which are full of hot springs. There are also seasonal festivals you should definitely check out, such as the Nagasaki Lantern Festival, which has roots in Chinese New Year, and the Nagasaki Peron Senshuken Taikan Festival, which is a boat race that started to appease the anger of the deities.



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