Kyushu is in the southwestern area of Japan, and is a region blessed with cuisine, nature, and hot springs. The biggest city in Kyushu is in Fukuoka, and is famous for Hakata tonkotsu ramen and motsunabe (stew made with beef or pork offal and vegetables). In the center of the city of Fukuoka, you can enjoy these meals in street stalls. Nagasaki is a spot with traditional scenery and is where the cultures of Japan, China, and the Netherlands came together, so you can enjoy famous dishes like Nagasaki champon and castella there. Kumamoto is home to Mt. Aso, one of the world's leading caldera, as well as cuisine like horse sashimi, Kumamoto ramen, karashi renkon (lotus root stuffed with spicy mustard), and more. Kumamoto Castle is considered one of Japan's top three castles, and visiting the castle tower should be done at least once. (*Currently, due to earthquake damage, entry to the tower is limited as they make repairs.) Miyazaki's Takachiho Gorge is a valley made by lava flow, and is a mystical area where some of Japan's myths are set. Saga's Aritayaki porcelain is a must for souvenirs! It's a region with more than 400 years of porcelain production. Oita is home to the onsen with the top volume in Japan, Beppu Onsen, as well as Yufuin Onsen. You can enjoy Oita's famous chicken such as fried chicken and fresh fish (mackerel) cuisine as well. Kagoshima is great for visiting nature, such as Sakurajima, Cape Misaki, and the island of Yakushima. You can try their famous pork dishes like tonkatsu and pork shabu shabu along with their imo shochu (distilled liquor from potatoes). Kyushu is called a paradise for hot springs, due to the many hot springs in the region such as Kumamoto's Kurokawa Onsen and Kagoshima's Ibusuki Onsen which has unique sand baths. You can choose a hot spring to visit based on location and type of water. Okinawa is another area where people from around the world visit. There are many islands dotting the ocean between Kagoshima and Okinawa, and they each have their own culture and natural idiosyncrasies, so that's recommended. Kyushu is full of unique luxury trains. Please take a ride on one and learn all about the charms of the area!



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