Learn from Artisans at a Famous Wagashi Store! Enjoy Making and Eating Jyo-Namagashi Confections!

Kameya Yoshinaga, a wagashi Japanese sweets store with a history of more than 210 years, is offering a Kyo-gashi Sweets Making Class. Participants can experience traditional techniques that have been handed down over the generation by making jyo-namagashi (high-quality fresh confections) using dedicated tools. Here is the rough image of what kind of things you are going to be doing in this Kyo-gashi Sweets Making Class!

Learn from Artisans at a Famous Wagashi Store! Enjoy Making and Eating Jyo-Namagashi Confections!

<1> Place white nerikiri dough on pink dough and blend together with your finger to make gradation.

<2>Spread nerikiri dough on the palm of your hands and wrap the an filling while turning a little at a time. Finding the right pressure can be tricky.

<3>Create five indentations on the sides with your pinky, then draw uniform lines with a triangular spatula to create five petals.

<Step 4>Complete by decorating with a yellow center!

The classes include making three different types of wagashi sweets. You can enjoy jyo-namagashi fresh confections that change with the season.

Once you've finished making the sweets, you can enjoy it properly with freshly brewed matcha tea. It will taste exceptional when made with your own hands!

The store also has a selection of products in the popular Kameya Yoshinaga brands, Satomi Fujita by KAMEYA YOSHINAGA and Yoshimura Wagashi-ten.

<Class DATA>

Price: Kyo-gashi Sweets Making Class (2,700 JPY), high school age and younger (2,160 JPY) *Minimum two people / Time: 2:00 pm - (excluding Sundays, July 11 - 17, December 12 - January 6) / Length: 70 minutes / Reservation: Required (telephone, fax, or online) *by the day before / Maximum number of participants: 36

Kameya Yoshinaga

17-19 Shijo-dori Aburanokoji Nishi-iru Kashiwaya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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