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Kyoto has hidden beaches and hot springs! Discover the Tango (next to Kyotango) area!

A tranquil area called Kyotango is located about 2 hours away from the busy city of Kyoto; it boasts award winning coastal scenery (The Three Views of Japan).

Tango (next to Kyotango area) is easy to get to from Kyoto’s main station.

The best way to visit the Tango area would be by renting a car; Japanese rental car services offer great flexibility, including a one way service and reasonable price with an advanc booking. Their car navigation systems can be set to different languages including English. After just over two hours’ drive from Kyoto city, you will be able to reach the beautiful and hidden coastal side of Kyoto.

If you are not comfortable with driving, there are plenty of other public transportation options to get to the Tangoarea (next to Kyoto tango). The most affordable and easiest option would be by taking the express bus/coach service. The duration is just over 2 hours but an advance booking is essential due to its popularity.

There are several train services operating around this area. JR offers the express train services a few times a day from Kyoto’s main station to Tango and Kyotango area. The duration is just over 2 hours. But this area is famous amongst Japanese tourists due to its local Kyoto Tango railway. The train carriages are somehow unique and the scenery from the train is picturesque. The trains operate a special restaurant that serves Japanese authentic meals, please check out their website for more information.

Experience traditional Japanese inns with hot springs!

Traditional inns in central Kyoto are somewhat expensive. In the Tango (next to Kyotango) area, especially in Miyazu, there are reasonably priced inns that come with great hospitality. They are easily accessible from Miyazu station, even on foot. This small local town is much quieter compared to the city. Visitors can enjoy the local fresh seafood. There is a shopping complex where you can find some great bargains when looking for souvenirs.

1. Charoku-bekkan

Charoku Bekkan is an inn that sits on the more expensive side in this area. They offer different kinds of board options. Their full board option comes with eye-catching Japanese multi course cuisine that once tried you can never forget. The local seafood cuisine is so fresh and delicious. The inn is located in a large Japanese garden; offering privacy and an ambient sanctuary.

Charoku Bekkan

2039-4 Shimasaki, Miyazu, Kyoto

2. Seikiro

The 320 year old Seikiro inn is a registered cultural landmark. It offers antique decor rooms and of course hot springs. They use a simple logging only reservation which can reduce the price of your stay. They also offer other logging options with proper meals. This inn has many artifacts on display; they make visitors feel as if they were taken back in time. Experience the history!


937 Uoya, Miyazu, Kyoto

Manai Shrine: A shrine for truly spiritual people

Manai Shrine is a part of the prestigious Kono Shrine. It is a shrine that contains 2500 year old rocks which were said to be the house of god and even now are worshiped by the local people. If you are reading this article and feel as if you want to visit this place, you are more than welcome!

Spirituality is private and individual. All visitors who visit any shrines or holy places should respect the staff and other visitors. It would be sensible to learn the etiquette on how to visit Japanese shrines, such information is widely available on the internet.

Manai Shrine: A shrine for truly spiritual people

430 Aza Ogaki, Miyazu, Kyoto

During the hot and humid summers,Tango(next to Kyotango) offers nice cool weather and quiet beaches.

Kyotango’s weather is much nicer and bearable during summer when compared to Kyoto’s main city which is geographically a valley that creates hot and uncomfortably sticky summer weather. The Tango (next to Kyotango) area faces the Sea of Japan, offering various beaches across its coastal towns.
Amanohashidate town is famous for its award winning coastal views. The Three Views of Japan is an award that was given to the Pine-clad islands of Matsushima in Miyagi prefecture, the Torii at Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima prefecture and the Sandbar of Amanohashidate. There is a public beach on the actual sandbar. This clean sandy beach has nice crystal water where fish are visible and its shallow water is suitable for young family members. There are safety rockers and a little cafe nearby for refreshments. This beach is just a few minutes on foot from Amanohashidate station, which makes it easier for visitors to just pop in to dip and cool down their feet or to enjoy the sunset after a busy day of sightseeing. ※The image is an image.

Amanohashidate Viewland is one of the two best places to enjoy the award winning view. This small amusement park offers a lift service to the top of the hill where visitors can enjoy the view as well as Kitty rides and games for children. There are shops and a restaurant for refreshments. If the weather is nice and you are not afraid of heights, it's really nice to use the single chair lifts. It's very unique. It’s like a ski lift but without a safety bar. You can enjoy the breathtaking views from up above.
On the top of the hill, visitors might see other visitors up on a special stone platform that faces the sea where you can bend over and look; the reason behind this strange trend is that (from this position)the sandbar looks like a dragon; you should give it a go! ※The image is an image.

Visitors can actually cross the Sandbar of Amanohashidate by foot orriding a bicycle. People can rent a bicycle nearby. It is a very enjoyable experience to pass through the sandbar because you can feel as if you are walking on a floating wooden-arch path ; also the path is much quieter than some of the from crowded touristy areas.
The Sandbar of Amanohashidate can be enjoyed from the sea. Tour operators offer touring cruises on slow boats or small speed boats. Some tours may take people on a bit of an excursion to a nearby old town in Kyoto tango area.
Around the sandbar, there are many souvenir shops, great local restaurants and cafes serving various food from full course meals to snacks to go.

Amanohashidate View Land

Aza-Monju, Miyazu, Kyoto

Hot spring & spa experience for day visitors!

Day visitors can also enjoy hot spring baths and spas in the area. Some hotels and inns open their bath facilities to visitors who are not staying with them. There are leisure centre facilities that are open to all visitors as well as local residents. Their facilities may include swimming pools with slides, various different types of hot springs, and resting spaces. They rent out all necessary amenities such as towels and sometimes swimming costumes! Kurhaus Iwataki is a good one. (closed for refurbishment until 2020)

There are many family oriented activities led by local councils as well; cycling tours, fishing trips, and marine sports. Please check out their website for more information.

*The image is for representative purposes only.

Kurhaus Iwataki

470 Iwataki, Yosano, Yoza, Kyoto

2 hours from Kyoto City, Tango area (next to Kyotango) is a great destination for a day out or even a longer-stay!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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