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4 Places to Enjoy Fruit Picking in the Kyoto Area

Fruit picking is the best way to enjoy the harvest period. Here are 4 recommended locations in the Kyoto area where you can experience fruit picking.


1. Yamashirotaga Fruit Line

The Yamashirotaga Fruit Line offers grapes from early September as well as mandarins and persimmons from early October to late November. They also offer sweet potato digging from early September to late November. Other fruits and vegetables including bamboo shoots and strawberries are available all year round. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy time with the family.
The fees for adults are 1,000 JPY for grapes, 800 JPY for mandarins and persimmons, and 600 JPY for sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes.

2. Koyama Kankou Grape Garden

Koyama Kankou Grape Garden offers an all-you-can-eat buffet of organic large grapes (1,000 JPY) of the Muscat Berry A variety from September 1st to 25th. Here, weather conditions do not affect the opportunity for fruit picking as grapes are harvested inside a plastic greenhouse. Grape picking can be enjoyed without time restrictions during the main operating hours (10:00 am – 4:00 pm), so you can enjoy this experience like a picnic. You may bring your own lunch, but please be sure to take your garbage with you when you leave. This fruit picking service is closed as soon as the grapes run out regardless of the schedule. Check before visiting.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes.

2. Koyama Kankou Grape Garden

3. Fruits Kingdom Yasaka

At Fruits Kingdom Yasaka, you can enjoy picking peaches, grapes, and pears for 1,990 JPY (incl. tax; adult price) per each variety. The available fruit alternates according to the season. This is an all-you-can-eat system with no time restrictions, so you can leisurely fill yourself up with delicious seasonal fruits. They also sell products like gelato and jam, which are perfect as little souvenirs.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes.

4. Senya Farm

Senya Farm offers two types of fruit picking: grapes in September (entry fee: 200 JPY, from 500 JPY to 1,500 JPY per bunch for take-out) and persimmons from October 20th to early December (all-you-can-eat adult entry fee: 800 JPY) fruit picking. Additionally, they offer beef or chicken sukiyaki and yakiniku dishes (reservations required, starting at 2,700 JPY (excl. tax)). There is also bamboo shoot digging available from early April to early May. Bringing your own lunch is allowed when you go to pick grapes and persimmons, so you can enjoy your food along with delicious fresh fruit.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes.

In some places, weather and growing conditions of fruit may cause changes in the availability of fruit picking services. It's recommended that you contact the farm before visiting.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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