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Top Shopping Spots Connected to Kyoto Station

There are so many shopping spots at the station building and inside the Kyoto Station, the gateway to sightseeing in Kyoto, where people can go shopping in between trips and while in transit. Here are the top shopping spots directly connected to Kyoto Station that are recommended for people who feel like they do not have enough time for shopping because they spent too much time on sightseeing.

JR Kyoto Isetan

JR Kyoto Isetan is a department store that is made up of 11 floors and two underground floors. Here, each floor is divided into the genre of items they contain such as food products and specialty boutiques.
For women, the 2nd-5th floors are recommended for their wide array of makeup, sundry goods, and other items that are a rank higher compared to other products on the market. For men, they have a great men’s clothing department on the 6th floor. If you like brand stuff, then head to the 1st floor, where they have Prada, Gucci and other brands lined up on the shelves. When you get hungry, you can eat at the restaurant street Eat Paradise on the 11th floor or at the Open View Restaurant on the 7th - 10th floors if you want to enjoy the scenery while eating. Further, it is directly connected to Kyoto Station, so it is a recommended shopping spot for people who do not have that much time to shop.

*Photo is of Wansa Kansa on the 7th floor.

JR Kyoto Isetan

Higashi-Shiokojicho, Karasumadori, Shiokoji Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

The CUBE - Kyoto Station Building Specialty Mall

Divided into four floors, this is a shopping mall where shoppers can enjoy a different specialized shopping street in each floor.
Upon exiting from JR Kyoto Station’s central gate, you will find the 1st floor that is home to Kyoto’s famous confectionery shops to your left. One of the main products of this floor is the Kyokanze (1,512 JPY (incl. tax)), a cute confection resembling a vortex that can be purchased from Kyogashi Tsuruya Yoshinobu, which is a long-established confectionery shop that was opened in 1803. Apart from that, this floor is also home to a host of other sweets and confectioneries that are very Kyoto-like with their classy aesthetics.
B1F is the Omiyage Koji Kyokomachi area where shops selling traditional Kyoto pickles and Japanese miscellaneous goods, among other items great for souvenirs, are lined up. It is recommended for people who want to buy souvenirs but do not have the time.
B2F is the fashion floor. It is popular for carrying such brands as Samantha Vega, which offers bags that match a mature casual style.
Meanwhile, the Gourmet Alley is a little ways away on the 11th floor, but can be reached via the station’s south elevator by the passage on the 2nd floor that runs north to south. Here, you will see various specialty restaurants offering soba noodles, tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets), beef tongue and other food items.
While all these shops are inside Kyoto Station, this establishment has the appeal of letting customers choose from all the dedicated shops for each genre.

※Photo is of a kimishigure (Japanese confection that is made from red and white bean jams and egg yolks) from Kyoogashi Tsuruya Yoshinobu

The CUBE - Kyoto Station Building Specialty Mall

Kyoto Station Bldg., 901 Higashi-Shiokojicho Karasumadori Shiokoji Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


Established in 1705, Kunkun is an old shop that was opened by Kyoto Station’s Hachijo Exit by Shoyeido, an established manufacturer of incense. Aside from the Kunkun Series (324 – 1,080 JPY (incl. tax)) of incense that can only be bought here, this shop is filled with various types of incenses that come with different aromas.
Try to find the incense you prefer while enjoying many aromas, including the sweet smell of flowers, authentic Japanese smells, or mild and deep aromas.

*Photo is for illustration purposes


Inside Asty Road, 1F JR Kyoto Station, 8-3 Higashi-Shiokoji Takakuracho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Eirakuya Hosotsuji-Ihei Shoten Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Branch

Founded in 1615, Eirakuya Hosotsuji-Ihei Shoten is a branch in front of Kyoto Station of Eirakuya, the oldest cloth/fiber trader in Kyoto that has continued to do business for 400 years now and over 14 generations. This shop only carries original items, centering on tenugui (horizontal cotton cloth for wiping hands) and furoshiki (a square cloth for wrapping and carrying items). These tenugui with cute Japanese designs are also famous as souvenirs.
You should try the gems from this long-established shop that boasts of a 400-year history.

Eirakuya Hosotsuji-Ihei Shoten Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Branch

Inside Asty Road, 1F JR Kyoto Station, 8-3 Higashishiokoji Takakuracho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Kyoto Station has a lot of appealing shopping spots. They are conveniently located, so enjoy shopping as much as time permits.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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