Top 5 Fresh Juice and Smoothie Stands in Kyoto

There are famous sights everywhere in Kyoto, so you have to move quite a lot in order to see the spots. Here are five of the best shops serving healthy juices in the city where you can relax before heading out to your next destination.


1. Ikezuru Kajitsu

Established in 1947, Ikezuru Kajitsu is the only shop dedicated to fruits at Nishiki Market, a popular sightseeing spot for food in Kyoto that is fondly called Kyoto’s kitchen. This shop does not only serve the freshest fruits available each season, but it also has squeezers and mixers, so you can have the fruits juiced when you buy them (400 JPY – 500 JPY per glass (incl. tax)). And when you’re there, you also have to try their seasonally limited special juices (price depends on the fruits' market price).


KYONO JUICE is a juice bar in Sakyo-ku, where the Shimogamo Shrine is located. You can easily drop by while traveling. This shop uses the giboushu mark, which resembles an onion and is often used in traditional buildings as a symbol for making people healthy. This shop operates under the motto “to make you more beautiful and healthier by incorporating juice in your daily life.” There are a wide array of juices available, including cold-pressed juice (starting at 750 JPY for a small (incl. tax)), a type of juice that has been drawing quite a lot of attention lately for its beauty benefits, and smoothies (starting at 400 JPY for a small (incl. tax)) that are easy to drink.

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DAVID OTTO JUICE is a branch of the long-established cold-pressed juice shop in the U.S. that has been in business for more than 40 years and is well loved by famous stars and celebrities in Hollywood. Here, you can choose from a long list of juices, such as the CARROT 1Pint (473ml) (1,300 JPY (incl. tax)) that uses Californian carrots with high sugar content, and the APPLE GINGER COCONUT 1Pint (473ml) (1,000 JPY (incl. tax)) that uses Peruvian ginger that has been certified as organic by the USDA.

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4. Arashiyama Kohakudo

Arashiyama Kohakudo is a French restaurant that is particular about the use of homegrown ingredients from Kyoto. This restaurant is located in a section of the very popular Arashiyama area that is known for its picturesque views and for being a goldmine of historical buildings. This restaurant is popular for its foie gras Salisbury steak (1,500 JPY (incl. tax)), a ground meat patty using meat from the Tamba region topped with foie gras. However, the 100% Orange Juice and 100% Grapefruit Juice (500 JPY (incl. tax) each) on its cafe menu also enjoy a sort of hidden kind of popularity. By drinking fresh juice while relaxing in the classic, laidback atmosphere inside the shop or outside at the terrace where you can feel the breeze, you ought to feel the luxurious spirit that you can only find in Kyoto.

4. Arashiyama Kohakudo


COSME KITCHEN CAFE serves natural food and juices that only uses organic ingredients. Some of the items on its organic juice menu are the organic apple juice (520 JPY (excl. tax)) and the organic ginger ale (550 JPY (excl. tax)). Try the raw juice of the day (690 JPY (excl. tax)) that uses seasonal ingredients, too. At this cafe, there are so many healthy juices to choose from that will instantly soothe your body that is tired from traveling.


With their fancy appearance and menus with healthy juices, the shops on this list will make you believe that Kyoto really has such excellent taste! Before you head out to your next sightseeing destination, go to one of these shops first and drink juices that are good for your mind and body in order to restore your health and energy!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Naoko Goto

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