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Five Classy Cafes in Kyoto with Free Wi-Fi

It can be an issue finding Wi-Fi when traveling. But just getting free Wi-Fi isn't enough! Here are recommendations for five great cafes where you can get free Wi-Fi in a classy setting.


1. Cafe Sarasa

This is a cafe in an 80-year-old renovated sento public bath building. The entrance retains the exterior of the sento and has a great atmosphere! The first thing you'll notice when entering the cafe are the colorful walls. They retain the wonderful Japanese-style majolica tiles (hard tiles with textured relief motifs, such as of flowers, made with metal molds at the end of the Meiji era) from the sento bathrooms. This cafe with its antique interior has some electrical outlets in addition to the free Wi-Fi, so ask the staff if you need one.


This is a cafe in a renovated traditional Kyoto home called a machiya. The sofas and the modern interior that effectively utilize the traditional architecture are perfect for relaxing after connecting your device to Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy a special bread made with koji malted rice by the shop owner. Every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. there is an event called English Night. Foreigners who speak English don't need to pay a participation fee, but are asked to order one drink. It's a great opportunity to make Japanese friends and get local information. This cafe is located in front of Shoran Park, about three minutes on foot to the east from the East Gate of Kitano Tenmangu. The shop blends in naturally with its surroundings, so be careful not to miss it.

3. Mexican Dining AVOCADO Kyoto Branch

This is a cafe on the first floor of TIME'S Building, a commercial building designed by the world famous architect, Tadao Ando. It feels wonderful to sit on the terrace along the Takase River with its lovely view of the line of trees on Kiyamachi-dori! You can enjoy Mexican food made using the highest quality avocados that are only available here. Take your time and relax while enjoying the Kyoto seasons. You can use their Wi-Fi throughout the restaurant, but there is a limited number of seats with outlets, so you'll want to ask the staff.

3. Mexican Dining AVOCADO Kyoto Branch

4. Ace cafe

This is a cafe you can walk to from central Kyoto, since it's located five minutes on foot from Sanjo Station and 10 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Station. It's an expansive space with floor-to-ceiling windows on the 10th floor, so you can enjoy the views of the Kamo River, Higashiyama, and Kyoto from this cafe. It's open till 1:00 a.m. on weeknights, Sundays, and holidays, and till 3:00 a.m. Saturday night and before holidays, so you can go there to relax after dinner. Why not enjoy the cafe in the evening with cakes made by the cafe's in-house pastry chef? There is free Wi-Fi and each table has an outlet, so you can work on your computer while having a drink. A great place to reflect on your day in Kyoto while enjoying the beautiful night views.

5. Falafel Garden

A falafel is a healthy Middle Eastern dish made by deep frying ground chickpea balls. When eaten in pita bread with fresh vegetables, it is as satisfying as any meat. It's 100% vegan, with no meat, fish, dairy or eggs, so it's also great for vegetarians. The restaurant where you can enjoy this healthy food is in a renovated machiya-style house that has been converted to a unique design that's reminiscent of a Middle Eastern deserts. It is a large, bright two-story cafe. The owner encourages people to use their Wi-Fi as well as their outlets, so please stop by.

5. Falafel Garden

Whether you're looking for free Wi-Fi or just a cafe with great atmosphere, why not drop in and relax in these cafes?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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