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5 Recommended Restaurants for International Cuisine in Kyoto

Kyoto may conjure strong impressions of providing “traditional Japanese cuisine”. However, because Kyoto is a famous tourist location, with many visitors from around the globe, there are many restaurants that offer foods from different ethnic backgrounds. Here are 5 selected restaurants.


1. LA・BARAKA (Moroccan Cuisine)

LA・BARAKA is a perfect restaurant if you crave Moroccan cuisine. The menu includes tajine, couscous, and brochette, which are very popular in Japan. They also offer a set menu and a course menu. The recommended dish is chicken couscous (1,400 JPY (excl. tax)), which has chicken wings with vegetables cooked in various spices in couscous. The delicious taste and aroma spreads through your mouth to delight your taste buds. Their sweet Moroccan tea is the perfect way to finish an amazing meal.

2. Kin Khao (Thai Cuisine)

Kin Khao, located close to Shichijo Station, is a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Kamo River that offers Thai and Laos cuisine. The menu, of more than 80 dishes of Thai and Laos cuisine, is made with home-grown vegetables and herbs. Beverages like beer and spirits are imported products from Thailand and Laos that enhance the authentic nature of the cuisine. Additionally, various affordable set menu options for lunch like the pad thai set (980 JPY) and curry set (980 JPY) are available, to enjoy the taste of Thailand in a casual setting.

3. TADKA (Indian Cuisine)

TADKA is a well-known Indian restaurant in Kyoto. The Japanese owner of this restaurant trained at an authentic Indian restaurant in order to be able to provide legitimate Indian cuisine through traditional cooking techniques and the effective use of spices. There are various dishes a la carte, including curry, on the dinner menu, as well as set meals that consist of a few styles of curry like the veggie meals (950 JPY) and non-veggie Meals (1,150 JPY), which are popular items on the lunch menu. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

3. TADKA (Indian Cuisine)

4. Komugon (Vietnamese Cuisine)

Komugon is a Vietnamese restaurant with a casual atmosphere that is easy to step into. This restaurant’s traditional Vietnamese food, cooked by a Vietnamese chef, receives high reviews from both locals and tourists. The recommended dishes from the dinner menu are banh xeo (1,190 JPY (excl. tax)), a Vietnamese crepe and Komugon’s goi cuon (Vietnamese fresh spring rolls) (300 JPY each (excl. tax)). Popular Vietnamese noodle dishes like pho ga (Hanoi-style chicken noodle soup), and hu tieu (pork noodle soup from the Mekong Delta region), have simple yet delicious flavors. There are also various dishes on the lunch menu. This restaurant is often crowded, so we suggest calling in ahead of time.

4. Komugon (Vietnamese Cuisine)

5. Yak & Yeti (Nepalese Cuisine)

Yak & Yeti is a restaurant where you can enjoy the authentic Nepalese cuisine. The flavors, made with great aromatic spices, capture the popularity of this restaurant. The a la carte dishes like various styles of curry, traditional Nepalese dumplings called momo, Nepali-style chow mien, and tasty tandoori chicken, are offered starting around 700 JPY. The set meals for lunch, with curry as the main item, are offered from a reasonable 695 JPY (excl. tax). This is an economical restaurant that is perfect for those seeking delicious and traditional Nepalese cuisine.

5. Yak & Yeti (Nepalese Cuisine)

When you visit Kyoto, please enjoy not just Japanese food, but cuisine from around the world.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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