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A Must-See For Ramen Lovers! The Charms of Ramen Koji

Ramen Koji is the name of a restaurant area on the 10th floor of the Kyoto Station Building. This is a place where all the famous ramen shops of Japan are gathered, and so is heaven for ramen fans. Here are some recommendations among all of the many wonderful options.


1. Masutani

Masutani is a long-established ramen store which stays true to the traditional Kyoto-style taste. The chicken-based soy sauce soup sprinkled with backfat is simple but flavorful and matches perfectly with the thin, straight noodles. Masutani is favored by people of all ages. It’s impossible to tire of its familiar, almost nostalgic taste. The chuuka soba (650 JPY (incl. tax) for a regular size) with delicious soft roasted pork is very popular. They also have items exclusive to Ramen Koji, like the tantanmen (950 JPY (incl. tax) for a large) and fried rice (450 JPY (incl. tax) for a regular size).

2. Bannai Shokudo

Bannai Shokudo comes from Kitakata Fukushima, a location famous for its ramen. It is a successful store, having maintained its business for more than 50 years in an area that is very competitive for the ramen industry. The homemade soft roast pork is very highly rated and the pork based transparent soy sauce–salt soup goes very well with their chewy noodles. Enjoy a flavor unique in the Kansai region. The price is 650 JPY (incl. tax) for Kitakata Ramen. It's a superb meal that you definitely can't miss.

3. Menya Iroha

Menya Iroha is a ramen store from Toyama in the Hokuriku region. Their specialty is Toyama Black, the homemade black soy sauce with a seafood aroma, made by stewing the fishy sauce for many hours. It is popular for having a softer flavor than regular soy sauce. The base of a soup made using this soy sauce has a rich taste, yet is somehow simple. Menya Iroha’s unique noodles are made using deep-ocean water, and they absorb and match the delicious black soup.

*The picture is of Black Ajitama Ramen, 880 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Todai

Representing the Shikoku region is Todai from Tokushima. The characteristics of Tokushima ramen are a pork-based soy sauce soup, sweet chili pork ribs, and raw egg. Also, it is the Tokushima style to have rice with your ramen. Todai has great reviews for their rich soup stewed for many hours mixed with a secret soy sauce-based sauce, and is so popular that there is always a line. Tokushima Ramen with Meat (850 JPY (incl. tax) for a regular size) is surprisingly cheap considering its quality.

5. Araumado

The store representing Osaka is Araumado. Arauma Ramen (730 JPY (incl. tax)) is a long-famous product of Osaka Station, but this popular ramen, a good value with a large helping of grilled pork, is now also available at Kyoto Station. Araumado's soup is a mixture of pork and chicken that's been stewed for many hours, and tamayu, oil with condensed onion and garlic essence, as an accent. Enjoy delicious Tamayu Ramen (730 JPY (incl. tax)) from the city of cuisine, Osaka.

Kyoto Ramen Koji has a great selection of ramen stores representing locations from all around Japan. Each store displays the unique characteristics of its region, so you can enjoy versatility in the food culture of Japan. Business hours are 11:00 am - 10:00 pm, open 365 days a year.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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