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Recommended Restaurants in Kyoto With Delicious Sake

Kyoto is a location famous for sake production as it is enriched with fine, pure water. There are many restaurants in Kyoto that offer high quality sake and food. In this article we will introduce 5 diners in Kyoto with delicious sake.


1. Ikkon Uru Uru

This diner is in a building reconstructed from a traditional Kyoto-style house. Ikkon Uru Uru mainly offers sake made in Kyoto, though sake from other regions of Japan are also offered. Tomi no Tsukasa, sake made in Fushimi by a well-established brewery, is a rare product that can only be tasted in this restaurant. The all-you-can-drink course (5,000 JPY to 7,000 JPY (excl. tax)) allows you to choose from 20 brands of sake, and has a value beyond its price, but for those who prefer junmaishu (sake made without added alcohol or sugar) we recommend the 20 Brands of Junmai Sake Premium All-You-Can Drink course, for 500 JPY extra.

2. Senyaichiya Laque Shijo Karasuma Branch

This restaurant is very relaxing as all tables are in private rooms and there is a hole in the floor beneath each table so that there is no need to sit with your legs folded. Many varieties of sake are offered at cheap prices from 540 JPY per glass (incl. tax). The party course, which can be ordered for 3 or more people, will come with a number of delicious seafood and meat dishes. It also has the option of adding a 2 hour all-you-can-drink course (4,428 JPY to 9,288 JPY (incl. tax)), and with a further 540 JPY (incl. tax) you can enjoy the premium all-you-can-drink course with 9 high quality kinds of sake.

2. Senyaichiya Laque Shijo Karasuma Branch

3. Torii Ebisu

This is a restaurant that offers delicious seafood cuisine, obanzai (traditional Kyoto home-cooking side dishes) and the simple-tasting kyo-oden. Torii Ebisu has many types of sake including local sake varieties from all over Japan, rare frozen sake, and sparkling sake. More than 40 brands of sake can be enjoyed during the time of the all-you-can-drink course (4,500 JPY or 4,700 JPY (incl. tax)). Their original sake, Torii Ebisu (650 JPY (excl. tax)), is popular and easy to drink, and is available on the all-you-can-drink course. You should consider trying it!

4. Junikiya Kan Kyoto Branch

This is a Kyoto-style izakaya located on the first basement floor of the shopping mall Kyoto Avanti near Kyoto Station. They have selected 12 different kinds of sake to match the Kyoto cuisine, and 6 of these brands change monthly to suit the season. The price per glass (90 ml) is 420 JPY to 740 JPY (excl. tax). Please try the junmaishu made in Kyoto and available all year, Jurakudai and Souku (420 JPY each (excl. tax)), with Kyoto vegetables.

4. Junikiya Kan Kyoto Branch

5. Uryu Pontocho Hana

Pontocho, located along the Kamogawa river that flows from the south to the north of Kyoto, is a famous area for geisha and apprentice geisha called maiko. Uryu Pontocho Hana, on a stone pavement street, is a restaurant where traditional Kyoto cuisine can be enjoyed. The seasonal, sophisticated, traditional Japanese cuisine course (7,000 JPY to 12,000 JPY (excl. tax)), which only uses ingredients from Kyoto like seafood, vegetables, and salt, is a luxurious meal. We recommend you inquire with staff for sake to best match the food.
*There will be a 10% service charge.

The water used during the production of sake determines the taste of the sake. Sake made in Fushimi uses semi-hard water to create a sweet taste. Please drink and compare the sake of different regions to find your own favorite brand.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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