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5 Recommended Restaurants in Shijo, Kyoto, Where You Can Eat Lunch For Under 1,000 JPY

Kyoto is home to a large number of long-established Japanese-style traditional restaurants and luxury restaurants. However, eating in these kinds of places every day can get rather pricey. In this article you will find a selection of 5 restaurants in the Shijo area of Kyoto where you can enjoy a delicious lunch for less than 1,000 JPY.


1. Momoya Takasegawa Funairi

Momoya Takasegawa Funairi is a restaurant specializing in oden and deep-fried skewers near Takasegawa Ichino Funairi (an inlet for boats to come into dock), within a 2 min. walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the subway Tozai Line. The restaurant, a refurbished machiya built 100 years ago by the side of the Takasegawa River, offers a calm atmosphere, and guests can enjoy a view of the river while they leisurely enjoy their meal from both the tatami floored seating space on the second floor and in the semi-basement. Their dishes, prepared by a chef who polished his skills for 20 years at a Japanese-style traditional restaurant in Kiyamachi, feature delicate and somehow nostalgic flavors that will surely soothe your soul - it is not a surprise that the place is always bustling with repeat customers. Their specialty lunch set meal includes 5 types of deep-fried skewers, oden, a mizuna salad, red miso soup, and rice mixed with grains in a very hearty and reasonably priced combination at just 900 JPY (incl. tax).
We recommend this restaurant for being the perfect location to spend a special time amidst the charming traditional atmosphere of Kyoto.

1. Momoya Takasegawa Funairi

2. Kyosai Nikushima

Kyosai Nikushima, located within a 3 min. walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station, is a restaurant specializing in yakiniku (grilled meat) that opened not long ago in 2015. Their meals use high quality meat selected based on its delicious flavor and not on where it was produced, and the restaurant makes it a point to serve grilled meat dishes that are gentle on the stomach by using plenty of vegetables that go well with yakiniku. These dishes have been created in collaboration with students from Kyoto University. At lunch time, prices start at 880 JPY (incl. tax) for a set meal that includes a main dish, rice, miso soup, a seasonal obanzai (Kyoto-style) dish, a salad, and pickles. We especially recommend their Sujitama Bibimbap, a limited dish that only has 10 servings prepared per day. This is very healthy, and it consists of a bowl of rice steamed over a gas stove and then topped off with beef that was previously thoroughly cooked for 5 hours until extremely tender, a half-cooked egg, and seasonal namul made with vegetables from Kyoto. It is nice to note that this dish is priced at 500 JPY (incl. tax), which makes it very accessible as well.

2. Kyosai Nikushima

3. Misen

Misen is right next to Nishiki Market. While it may look rather luxurious due to the fact that it is housed in a repurposed Kyoto machiya (a merchant townhouse), this is actually an invaluable restaurant where you can indulge in authentic Kyoto cuisine at a reasonable price. Here, guests can relax in a calm atmosphere in the seating area of their choice, whether it is a table seat or a private room with a view of the inner garden. Their most popular dish is their Limited Fish Set Meal which uses fresh fish shipped directly from Amakusa. Customers can choose whether to have their fish boiled or grilled in this set meal that includes 2 Kyoto-style obanzai side dishes, grated yam, soup, and rice at the very inexpensive price of 1,000 JPY (incl. tax). We cannot recommend this restaurant enough, as everything is great here - perfect atmosphere, flavors, and service!

4. Kyoto Rokkaku Yoshoku Bonjour

Kyoto Rokkaku Yoshoku Bonjour opened as a coffee shop in 1951, and guests can enjoy old style Japanese versions of Western dishes. The second-generation owner, who polished his skills at a French restaurant, is especially confident about his deluxe hamburger made with 100% Kuroge Wagyu Japanese beef. Apparently, the chef is very particular and passionate about the preparation of this dish, for which he carefully selects the meat for the hamburger, choosing the necessary parts to grind them himself. The resulting hamburger, which can be easily cut using only chopsticks, is soft and fluffy, and has a melt-in-the-mouth delicious taste. During weekdays, customers can opt for the 1,000 JPY (incl. tax) set meal, in which they can choose one of the 3 available hamburger types, and 1 of the 8 available side dishes. Hamburgers are cooked upon order, so be sure that you have time to spare if you are coming to eat here.

4. Kyoto Rokkaku Yoshoku Bonjour

5. Chinchikurin

Chinchikurin is a small restaurant specializing in homestyle cuisine founded in 1959 alongside the Takasegawa River, and it is very close to Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. It is housed in a traditional Japanese-style house with a commanding view of the Takase river, and here you can enjoy healthy obanzai and other Kyoto-style dishes using fresh vegetables. The interior of the narrowly shaped restaurant is lit with folk craft-like lamps and it features a seating area around a hearth, which creates an outstanding atmosphere. They are famous for their zassui (a dish in which cooked rice, fish or seafood, meat, and vegetables are combined with seasonings and added to broth) but, during lunch time, they serve a Kyoto Style Plate Meal (880 JPY incl. tax) featuring two types of obanzai, a salad, and rice. Indulge in a highly nutritious meal as you listen to the sound of the Takase River streaming for a soothing experience that will take the exhaustion from your trip away.

Most restaurants in sightseeing spots tend to be rather expensive, but Kyoto still offers many delicious options for reasonable prices. We recommend visiting more than one of these restaurants to find your favorite.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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