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Top 7 Recommended Restaurant in Kyoto Station

There are a lot of recommended restaurants at the Kyoto Station that is the arrival and departure point of many of the visitors who come to Kyoto. This time, we will introduce 7 of those restaurants.


1. Kyoto Kitcho

At the Kyoto Kitcho that is located inside Hotel Granvia Kyoto which accessible right after you exit the Kyoto Station's central entrance gate, you are able to enjoy colorful seasonal dishes, that takes care of every subtle detail down to the bowls used to serve the dish. The taste is of course delicious, the dishes are also pleasing to the eyes, it could even move you. You will definitely experience the Japanese feeling of wanting to serve you the best to their ability. The recommended dish is the Kaiseki dishes served inside a bento box that is served when you attend the tea ceremony, the 'Shoukado bento'. It is available during lunch for 7,128 JPY (including tax and service), and dinner for 9,504 JPY (including tax and service). It enables you to enjoy Japanese dishes that is affordable compared to course dishes.
The course dishes is priced from 14,256 JPY (including tax and service) for both lunch and dinner. It is recommended for those who want to try eating original Japanese dishes in the traditional way.

*Image is for illustration purposes.

Shoukado Bento

*Image is for illustration purposes.

2. Shozankaku

When you're talking about Kyoto food, the image of food that is overly priced and difficult to eat will come to the mind, but at the Shozankaku that is located at the 11th floor, JR Kyoto Isetan, you can enjoy traditional Kyoto dishes at a reasonable price.
In particular, Shozankaku takes pays special care to its "Yuba" (made from soy milk, an ingredient that is widely used in Kyoto dishes) that is made at it own workshop. "Meibutsu Yuba-oke Zen [Hana]" is priced at 4,680 JPY (including tax and service) for both lunch and dinner. Apart from that, there are another menu items to choose from such as the raw yuba and namafu (made from wheat gluten and boiled), "Kyo-gonomi [Miyako]" that allows you to taste the traditional ingredients such as seasonal vegetables (4,104 JPY (including tax and service) lunch and dinner), "Kyo bento" that is only served during lunchtime (2,700 JPY (including tax and service)). And there are also course dishes (6,480 JPY (including tax and service)) that is full of delicious dishes, so you can say that this shop is recommended to those people who want to enjoy Kyoto dishes at an affordable price. Shouzankaku provides an English menu as well.

Example of course dish

3. Morita-ya

Morita-ya, an old sukiyaki and shabu-shabu restaurant that started business in 1869. You can enjoy a range of menu made from beef such as sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, teppan grilling, steak and others at the shop that is located at the 11th floor of the JR Kyoto Isetan. There is also a plan that is taking place which allows you to dine in while watching the Gozan Okuribi (Mountain bonfire) on August 16th of every year (reservation needed). The beef used at Morita-ya comes from their own cow farm "Morita-ya FARM" that is located at the Tanba, Yasaka-cho, Kyoto. During lunchtime, affordable dishes such as bite-size steak and beef stew priced less than 2,000 JPY as well as several course menu that is priced at several thousands yen each is also offered, and for dinner various course dishes that are priced from 4,104JPY including tax) to 12,960JPY (including tax) is available.
There are English menu available, as well as English speaking staff in the premise.

Delicious beef from the 'Morita-ya FARM'

4. Haccho Ajidokoro Kushi no Bo

If you want to eat hot kushi katsu, then the "Haccho Ajidokoro Kushi no Bo" is our recommendation. At this restaurant, not only its kushi katsu is drool-worthy, but it also has a carefully selected alcohol. Local sake from across the country, rare shochu (distilled spirit), awamori, wine bought directly from a brewery in France, are all chosen by the owner of a liquor store in Yokohama, "Yokohama Kimijima-ya", that was opened in 1892. Please enjoy the harmony between the newly fried kushi katsu and the selected sake.
The kushi katsu is priced at 162 JPY (including tax) per stick. And a variety of course dishes (from 2,970 JPY (including tax)) is offered as well, so it is recommended for people who want to have a light meal as well as those who wants to eat a proper meal. English and Chinese (simplified) and Korean menus are available.

The inside look of the restaurant

4. Haccho Ajidokoro Kushi no Bo

5. Yomen-ya Goemon

You think of Italy when you talk about pasta, but here in Japan, it has gone through a unique evolution on its own. And the restaurant where you can enjoy this is the Yomen-ya Goemon, located very close to Kyoto Station's Karasuma Higashi entrance. The pasta served in Goemon are made by the staff who went to Italy to study pasta-making methods, and then arrange them to make it more Japanese-like. The plates used to serve the pasta are Arita-yaki plates. The prices change with the different pasta and set, but there are also dishes priced around 1,500 JPY that is served during lunchtime as well as dinner time. Please try the dishes here to know what it feels like to eat pasta with chopstick.

*Image is for illustration purposes.

You can enjoy different pasta with different sets.

*Image is for illustration purposes.

6. Grill Capital Touyoutei (Porta Branch)

"Capital Touyoutei" is the oldest western restaurant in Kyoto that was opened in 1897. The western cuisine they serve have taken a unique evolution in Japan, so you can enjoy the standard western food such as hamburgs, curry, omurice (fried rice covered with omelette), ebifurai (fried shrimps) at the restaurant.
The number one menu at the Touyoutei is the "Touyoutei Hamburg", which is drenched with a lot of beef stew. The aroma that comes out when you open the aluminum foil covering the hamburg will make your mouth water.
During lunch time, they only serve 2 types of set dishes which is the "A" Lunch Set (starting from 1,100 JPY including tax) which includes the main dish, the shops popular menu item, "Whole Tomato Salad" and rice/baguette, or "B" Lunch Set which is same as the previous set added with drinks and dessert (starting from 1,500 JPY including tax). In the evening, besides the full-course meal ( (2,500 JPY including tax)) there is an à la carte menu. There is also a huge selection of dessert as well, so you can also visit the restaurant like a cafe to have some coffee.

Whole Tomato Salad

6. Grill Capital Touyoutei (Porta Branch)

7. Osteria Sakura

"Osteria Sakura" located at the 3rd floor, JR Kyoto Isetan, is a restaurant where you can enjoy Italian cooking fused with Japanese essence, using fresh ingredients grown locally, the Kyo vegetables, a taste you can only taste if you're in Kyoto. The interior has a calm atmosphere with a casual feel to it, so you can enjoy the Italian dishes in a light mood. There are ala carte menu during lunchtime, as well as course menu such as the Pranzo A set (1,350 JPY (including tax)) that comes with pasta, salads, breads and drinks, Pranzo B set (1,851 JPY (including tax)) that comes with pasta, appetizer platter, bread, drinks and dolce. For dinner service, there's also ala carte as well as course menu. Apart from the lunch and dinner, you can still come and have a drink like a cafe, so you can take a break while waiting for your shinkansen to depart.

Kyoto Station is the gateway to sightseeing Kyoto. There are a lot of delicious restaurants here. Please do try for yourself when you come to Kyoto Station.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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