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Five Recommended Night Spots in Kanazawa

Kanazawa, a city full of nature yet developed as a city, has a variety of night spots. We've carefully selected five as our top recommendations.


1. Utatsuyama Bokodai Observatory

Utatsuyama Park is located at the base of Mt. Utatsuyama. Historically, the general public was not allowed in because of the view over Kanazawa Castle, but today, it is open so people can enjoy its abundant nature throughout the seasons from the cherry blossoms in the spring and the new green leaves in the early summer to the colorful foliage in the fall.
In particular, the Bokodai observatory, which is at an elevation of 141m, has a view not just of the streets of Kanazawa, which was once a bustling castle town, but also far out to of the Sea of Japan and the peaks of the Mt. Haku mountain range. It is especially recommended at night, when you can enjoy the spectacular night view of Kanazawa that's drastically different from the daytime.

2. Raspberry at Hotel Kanazawa

If you'd like to savor the night view in style while enjoying food and drinks, we recommend Raspberry on the 16th floor of Hotel Kanazawa. Here, you can sit back and enjoy the night view while relaxing to the soothing sounds of the piano. Of course, they have an extensive dinner and drinks menu as well. You may want to sit at the bar and muse over the glittering night lights as you enjoy a cocktail. It is sure to become an unforgettable memory from your travels.

2. Raspberry at Hotel Kanazawa

3. Sushi Enome

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy sushi and seafood bowls made with super fresh seafood procured directly from the largest fishing port on the Noto Peninsula, Enome. It is, of course, open for lunch, but the best time to go is at night! You'll be able to enjoy a variety of sashimi, à la carte dishes, and sushi at reasonable prices at an open counter with no doors or dividers. It's also a comfortable restaurant for solo dining. Highly recommended if you have a craving for seafood in the evening.

4. Kanazawa Chuo Mishokugai

This is an alley with a retro feel reminiscent of the middle to late Showa period (1926 - 1989). It is in a back alley at the end of the Shintenchi area in Katamachi, the entertainment center of Kanazawa, and consists of about 20 small bars and restaurants. All of the shops are small, usually with just a few seats at the counter, and are often full. This also means you'll be up close and personal with the local patrons and owners, and can enjoy an easygoing exchange. We hope you'll experience the warmth of the people of Kanazawa, while enjoying simple homemade food and sake.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.

4. Kanazawa Chuo Mishokugai

5. Round 1 Stadium Kanazawa Branch

This is facility containing a bowling alley, karaoke rooms, and an arcade with 380 machines of various games. A particular recommendation is the Spo-cha area, which you can enjoy with just the entrance fee. It offers a wide range of activities including standard sports such as 3on3, mini soccer, tennis, and indoor squash as well as slightly unique activities such as a fishing pond where you can fish in a small artificial pond, and the rodeo, where you get on a machine that moves like a rodeo horse and try not to get thrown off! It's open till 6:00 am so you can play through the night!
There are entrance restrictions at night. Please be aware that you will need to present an ID.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.

5. Round 1 Stadium Kanazawa Branch

Once you've enjoyed Kanazawa's nature during the day, why not hit the town at night? We hope you'll find the night spot that is just right for you.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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