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5 Recommended Shopping Spots in Kanazawa

Kanazawa has plenty of charming items available, from souvenirs and fashion to traditional crafts. Here are 5 recommended shopping spots featuring items that scream Kanazawa.


1. Kanazawa Hyakubangai

Kanazawa Hyakubangai is a representative shopping mall where you can find everything from souvenirs and fashion to miscellaneous items and everyday goods, as well as food. The mall is split into 3 areas. If you want souvenirs and food, head to Anto. They sell traditional Kanagawa crafts like lacquerware, ceramics and porcelain, woven and dyed textiles. There are around 80 shops lined up in this area. If you want fashion, miscellaneous items, cafes, and other popular shops, head to Rinto, while the Kutsurogi-kan offers a supermarket, convenient store, clinic, and restaurants. It's inside JR Kanazawa Station, so it's great that you can easily get somewhere after shopping and eating. Definitely stop by!

1. Kanazawa Hyakubangai

2. Kanazawa FORUS

Kanazawa FORUS, just a minute's walk away from JR Kanazawa Station, is a shopping building loved by the locals. There are a wide variety of fashion stores for people of all ages, including brands like TAKEO Kikuchi and INDIVI. On the 6th floor is a food court called the Dining resort KUUGO that has a selection from conveyor belt sushi to Indian food. You can enjoy different flavors here, including meals made with fresh local ingredients. It's good to stop at a cafe while you shop, and there's also an Aeon Cinemas on the 7th floor. This is a great spot to enjoy not just shopping but also gourmet and a movie!


MEITETSU M'ZA, a ten minute walk from Kanazawa Station, is a department store featuring plenty of stores including fashion, books, and toys. You can buy items like foodstuffs, local liquors, regional products, and sweets that are perfect for souvenirs like YOKUMOKU and RUYSDAEL. On the 8th floor, there is a event space where they hold popular events such as exhibits featuring art, anime art, or crafts. There is also a baby salon where you can feed or change your baby, so you can enjoy shopping in peace!


4. Owaricho Shotengai

Owaricho Shotengai is a shopping arcade about a 5 minute walk from the Owaricho bus stop, reachable from JR Kanazawa Station. Here you can experience the atmosphere of retro shops from an era ago as well as partaking in the many sightseeing spots in the area. In the shotengai, there are many retro shops offering antiques, such as Chinese paintings, antique pottery and ceramics, furniture, lacquerware, and tea ceremony tools. Of course, it's a great place for people who are interested in vintage items, but it's fun even if you just window shop. You can also learn about the history of gramophones and listen to the actual sound of it at the Kanazawa Phonograph Museum as well as check out the Owaricho Choumin Bunkakan, a cultural center housed in a Meiji-era building that used to be a bank. The Owaricho Shinise Kouryukan is a place where you can rest that is a renovated store that's a vivid reminder of the Taisho era and is a must-see. Why not take a wander around and enjoy the sight of the dignified buildings?

Kanazawa Phonograph Museum

Owaricho Shinise Kouryukan

5. Higashi Chayagai

The Higashiyama area, about a 25 minute walk from Kanazawa Station, is home to Higashi Chayagai, an area full of 19th century buildings that was designated an important preservation district of historic buildings. Chaya were rest areas that were widespread in Japan from the middle ages to recent years, and they mostly served tea and traditional Japanese confectionery.
This beautiful townscape is famous thanks to its historically Japanese image that will make you feel like you've slipped back into time, and even now there are still plenty of shops offering confectionery. It's also famous for the soft-serve ice cream that's covered in gold foil, since Kanazawa is known for being the area where 99% of the gold foil in Japan is made. There are plenty of souvenir shops offering miscellaneous Japanese-style goods, so this is a great area for people who want to enjoy shopping, sweets, and tea in the same day!

Please enjoy shopping in Kanazawa!

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