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You can’t let this pass you by! 5 Famous Meals to Eat in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a treasure trove of delicious ingredients surrounded by nature. Here are some meals made with delicious ingredients and regional cuisine created with traditional techniques that you can only enjoy in this area. Please try the famous cuisine born from Kanazawa's food culture in order to experience the city's charms.

1. Rosy seabass

Rosy seabass, called nodoguro in Japanese, is becoming well known as a high-class fish not just in Kanazawa but nationwide. The name "nodoguro" means "black throat," and that's one of the fish's biggest characteristics. It's very fatty, which makes it very delicious. Most of the catch is of fish with good quality fat. It's best in early autumn, when they're caught in larger numbers, but you can enjoy it all year round. The high quality fat isn't too rich, and has a refined flavor. It's delicious whether it's boiled or grilled, but it's recommended to have it as nigirizushi if you want to enjoy the fish's natural flavors as much as possible.

2. Jibuni

Jibuni is one of Kanazawa's representative regional dishes. Duck meat (alternatively chicken or oyster) sprinkled with flour is added to a special type of seitan from Kanazawa called sudarefu as well as lily bulbs, shiitake mushrooms, and other ingredients, then seasoned with soy sauce, mirin (cooking sake), sugar, and sake, before being stewed. Since the meat was sprinkled with flour, the meat's flavor is locked in but it also creates a thick sauce. Once the stewed ingredients are plated in a bowl with boiled leafy vegetables, it is topped with wasabi. The rich sauce and sweet meat match perfectly well with the aroma of wasabi in this traditional dish.

3. Notoushi

Notoushi is a rare type of Japanese beef that comes in limited quantities yearly but isn't usually offered outside of the prefecture. The meat's quality is A3 or no less than B3, so it's a brand beef that has fulfilled the basic standards. More than that, this beef is raised earnestly on the Noto peninsula surrounded by beautiful nature, ocean, and mountains. Because of that, the meat has a fine grain and has good quality fat. It's so soft it feels like it will melt in your mouth and it has a great aroma. It goes well with any type of meal, so you can have it in different styles depending on the restaurant, like yakiniku, steak, or high-class lunches. Of course, you can have it in Kanazawa, but why not stretch your legs and have it in its home region of Noto?

4. Kanou crab

Kanou crab is what male snow crabs caught in Ishikawa are called. In order to separate it from crabs caught in other prefectures, each one is tagged with a blue brand tag. The period in the fishing season (November 6th to March 30th) where it tastes best is November to February, so it's often called the king of flavors that represents the Japanese ocean in winter. It's characterized by a soft shell, and the tightly packed meat is soft and plump. Its incredible sweetness and great volume of brownmeat is one of the biggest charms of this crab. Throughout the country Matsuba crab and Echizen crab are famous, but Kanou crab has a high-quality flavor that doesn't lose to them.

5. Kaburazushi

Kaburazushi is beloved by locals as a winter treat that goes well with rice and liquor. Kanburi (fatty amberjack caught in the winter before egg-laying season) is sandwiched between round slices of salt-pickled radishes and pickled in malted rice. After that, it's sliced or cut into cherry blossom shapes and topped with carrots. The crispy texture of the radish, the rich flavor of the fatty amberjack, and the sourness from the malted rice create a perfect harmony. The season for this dish is from early December to the end of February.

If you're wondering what to eat during your trip, you should try some of these regional meals! Please enjoy lots of delicious dishes that you can only have in Kanazawa.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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