Recommended Premium Sushi Restaurants in Kanazawa

Kanazawa, which is famous for its seafood, has sushi restaurants known throughout the country. Here are five premium sushi restaurants in Kanazawa where you can taste outstanding sushi.

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1. Shinosuke

This is a sushi restaurant known as a place to have the finest sushi while enjoying a polished, elegant atmosphere in a simple but beautiful environment. The menu basically consists of the omakase (chef's choice) courses (8,000 JPY and up for lunch, 10,000 JPY and up for dinner). The rice is small and packed lightly so that it falls apart in the mouth and enhances the flavors of the toppings. The grilled conger eel sushi served with salt and yuzu citrus is particularly popular. The soft, puffy texture and the slight sweetness of the conger eel is scrumptious. Why not enjoy a relaxing meal at the counter made by sushi chefs carefully and delicately wielding their knives to prepare sushi with local and seasonal ingredients?

2. Otome Sushi

This is a restaurant in Kiguramachi known as an outstanding restaurant representative of Kanazawa. Although it only offers omakase courses (4,320 JPY and up for lunch, 10,800 JPY and up for dinner), the prices are relatively reasonable for a premium restaurant and you can enjoy dishes and nigiri sushi made with fresh, local seafood. All the sushi ingredients are tasty, but the neon flying squid is outstanding! Also, the sushi rice is made with special sun-dried Koshihikari rice from Oku-Noto. The balance between the rice that falls apart in the mouth and the toppings is spectacular. The restaurant has a serene atmosphere and offers a wide selection of local sake. It is recommended for people who want to take their time to enjoy seasonal seafood with sake.

3. Sushi Hachiya

This is a restaurant in Shimeno known to serve quality ingredients that are worth more than what they charge for them. The interior is simple and clean and consists of a counter and zashiki rooms. Although the menu is basically omakase courses (10,800 JPY and up), you can choose whether to start with à la carte dishes or with nigiri sushi. The rice is packed tightly and each item, such as the sushi of steamed puffer fish soft roe and three types of Kobakogani crab, a specialty of the Hokuriku region, is thoughtfully prepared. Please try some sushi that can only be eaten here.
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4. Sushi Mitsukawa

This is a famous restaurant in the Higashi Chaya tea house district, often referred to as the little Kyoto of Ishikawa. An omakase course here consisting of appetizers and nigiri sushi will generally cost between 10,800 JPY and 15,000 JPY. At lunchtime, there are more affordable choices such as eight omakase nigiri sushi in the 3,000 JPY range and 12 omakase nigiri sushi in the 6,000 JPY range. The rice balls are relatively small and warm with a somewhat sharp taste of vinegar. Many of the sushi ingredients are served with fragrant toppings such as sudachi citrus, yuzu citrus, and shiso leaves. The Nodoguro Grilled Temaki, which is the Kanazawa specialty nodoguro (rosy seabass) grilled to create an aroma and to bring out the umami of the fish fat and wrapped in nori seaweed to create a unified taste, is praised for its unforgettable taste. Please experience the flavors offered by this restaurant.

5. Sushidokoro Aiji

This is a restaurant in Katamachi with an L-shaped counter where you can see the owner-chef's hands and enjoy super fresh sushi being prepared in front of your eyes. The menu consists only of omakase courses (6,000 JPY - 8,000 JPY, incl. tax). The rice is Koshihikari rice, and special consideration is given to the vinegar used in the rice. Imagawa-su vinegar, which is naturally brewed and has a soft flavor, is used in the vinegar mixture. Another shop's unique, enjoyable product is the specialty steamed uni sea urchin sushi, and they replace the ginger usually offered at sushi restaurants with lightly pickled vegetables. They have a wide selection of local sake as well, so why not enjoy some with the restaurant's premium sushi?

Fresh seafood is brought to shore every day in Kanazawa. Please enjoy the fresh, seasonal flavors. Don't forget to make reservations!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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