Stay in a Guesthouse in Kamakura and Travel Like You Live There

Kamakura may be a great place to go to on a day tour, but it is actually filled with a lot of spots that are beautiful and appealing both in the morning and at night. So, stay in one of the unique guesthouses that have been mushrooming in the city in recent years, and then tour Kamakura without having to worry about the time for heading home.


Opened in August last year, Hostel YUIGAHAMA + SOBA BAR is a guesthouse that is located in a renovated 30-year-old rickshaw storehouse. With artworks made by Shonan-based local creators scattered here and there, this place is filled with a playful spirit that will make your trip even more fun. The true charm of traveling is interacting with the locals. Meanwhile, the annexed SOBA BAR Fukuya, the restaurant that specializes in serving Yamagata-style soba (buckwheat noodles), sees a stream of staying guests and local customers who have finished work come in at night. Here, you will also get to meet other new people and travelers. Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime encounters while you travel!

Kamakura Guesthouse, a quaint inn with a Japanese hearth

Kamakura Guesthouse is a place where you can experience the culture of Japan from the good old days. This rustic Japanese-style house originated from a building that was built 50 years ago as a “ryotei” (traditional Japanese restaurant) and then renovated into a guesthouse. Its biggest draw is the enormous hearth in the common space. When night falls at this guesthouse, it is usual to see staying guests, who have gathered to this hearth one by one, engage in pleasant conversation around the hearth. So, enjoy life with a hearth according to your fancy, as you can simply stay there and listen to the crackling noise of the charcoal fire, or grill local fish on a skewer.

Kamakura Guesthouse, a quaint inn with a Japanese hearth

273-3 Tokiwa, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

Umiyado Shokudo Good Morning ZAIMOKUZA

With the Zaimokuza coast spreading right before your eyes, Good Morning ZAIMOKUZA boasts of a prime location like no other. If you stay in the private room by the sea, you can start your day in sparkling Kamakura while basking in the glorious morning sun. The restaurant housed in this inn transforms into a bar at night. There, various events are held regularly, including takoyaki (octopus dumplings) parties and live bands. Guests of the inn and local residents constantly flock to this spot, drawn by the warm personality of its proprietress, Aya Sugisawa. If you want to enjoy the gorgeous sea and interaction with the locals, all you have to do is knock on the door.

Umiyaku Shokudo Good Morning ZAIMOKUZA

6-5-19 Zaimokuza, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 04.11.2017]

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