An Onsen All to Yourself! Five Recommended Ryokan Inns in Hakone with In-room Open Air Onsen Baths

The Hakone area is always among the top in rankings of favorite onsen regions. From among the many onsen inns there, here are some recommended ryokan inns with open-air onsen baths attached to the guest rooms. Hakone is easy to get to from Tokyo.

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1. Hakone Kowakudani Onsen Mizu No To

Mizu No To in Kowakudani Onsen is an inn nestled in a forest 15 minutes on foot from Kowakudani Station on the Hakone Tozan Railway.
The inn grounds are full of pleasant spaces such as a verdant garden with a stream and a terrace with a view of nature. All of the guest rooms are designed to be comfortable spaces to relax in, and 43 of them have private open-air baths where you can wash away your travel wearies at your leisure. The large shared indoor and open-air baths all have high quality water from two different onsen sources - Kowakudani Onsen and Miyanoshita Onsen. There is also a private bath in the garden that can be reserved, so be sure to take advantage of it.

1. Hakone Kowakudani Onsen Mizu No To

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2. Shiki no Yuzashiki Musashino Bekkan

Shiki no Yuzashiki Musashino Bekkan is an onsen inn in the highlands of Miyanoshita Onsen. It is in a fabulous location with a panoramic view of the outer rim of the volcano, Mt. Hakone.
Tatami mats are laid out throughout the inn so that guests can relax in their light yukata kimonos and tabi socks. This is a place where you can experience a resort with aesthetics unique to Japan. The 2.5-acre Shiki no Yuzashiki bathing area in the Jakotsu-keikoku Valley has seven baths full of water from a source on the inn grounds. You can soak in these baths and enjoy the fresh verdure in the spring, the cool breeze in the summer, the foliage in the fall, and a beautiful snowscape in the winter. If you want to enjoy a bath on your own, choose one of five guest rooms with private open-air baths.

2. Shiki no Yuzashiki Musashino Bekkan

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3. Senkyoro

Senkyoro is an old ryokan that was established in 1870. Here, you can enjoy a blissful time surrounded by a 12.25-acre garden adorned with seasonal flowers and plants.
There is a wide variety of guest rooms, including the Japanese-style rooms with fabulous views in the main building and the refined Japanese-style rooms in the East building. The luxurious villa, Okuno Kigi, has six rooms, all with private open-air baths so you can thoroughly relax in a private space. There are also guest rooms with open-air baths in the main building and the West building. You can enjoy the popular milky-white onsen water. Of course, there is also a large shared bath and open-air bath, where you can relax in the spacious bathtubs.

4. Hana no Yado Fukuya

Fukuya is a small inn in the highlands of Hakone on the shore of Lake Ashi that will welcome you with a beautiful view and elegant and delightful service.
Each of its six guest rooms are designed differently so that you can select one that suites your tastes. One of the rooms has a bed in an authentic Japanese setting so that you can experience the combination of Japanese-style comfort and Western-style functionality. Five of the rooms have private open-air baths, and one has an indoor bath with a view. You can enjoy the inn's special onsen as much as you want in these graceful private baths made of rocks and stones. Meals are also served in-room, so you can relax and enjoy your time with your special someone.

5. Kinnotake Tonosawa

Kinnotake Tonosawa is an inn in Tonosawa Onsen Village where all of the guest rooms have private open-air baths. It is a healing inn that blends into nature and is run under the concept of a "no line resort" that has removed all boundaries.
The inn has a total of 23 guest rooms of seven different types, all designed with an abundance of wood, giving them a modern yet warm feel. They are characterized by open spaces with few partitions. The open-air baths attached to each room are filled with onsen water so you can have the soft hot spring water that is said to be beneficial to the skin all to yourself.
The inn welcomes foreign visitors with English and Chinese-speaking staff.

There are many onsen hot springs in Hakone, each with different qualities, but all are outstanding hot springs that will soothe your body and soul. Please take the short trip from Tokyo to treat yourself to the healing powers of the onsen baths and of nature.

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