5 Restaurants in Kamakura for Superb Soba

Kamakura is a famous sightseeing spot that offers excellent access from Tokyo. This town is also well known for housing a lot of restaurants that serve delicious soba (buckwheat noodles). Here are five of the best shops in the Kamakura area where you can eat fine soba.

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1. Saorian

Housed in a standalone shop filled with an elegant atmosphere, Saorian is a restaurant that offers customers a taste of old-fashioned handmade soba. Popular here are the “Kakiage Seiro” (1,250 JPY), a soba dish that comes with crispy kakiage (deep-fried strips of vegetables, shrimp, and other ingredients), and the “Saori Soba” (1,300 JPY) that is topped with a variety of colorful ingredients such as boiled shrimp, potherb mustard, and grated daikon radish. This restaurant is close to the famous Kamakura tourist spot, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, and has a relaxed vibe, so it is recommended to those who want to relax while they eat soba in a leisurely manner.

2. Kamakura Minemoto Hachimangu-mae Main Branch

Located in front of the gate of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine, Kamakura Minemoto is a shop that is constantly crowded with shrine worshipers. It offers a diverse menu that includes various kinds of soba, including the “Sakura Ebi no Bara Kakiage to Shonan Shirasu no Bukkake Soba” (soba topped with sakura shrimp kakiage and Shonan whitebait) (1,620 JPY (excl. tax)), the “Ebi to Yasai no Tendon to Hitokuchi Soba” (shrimp and vegetable tempura rice bowl and a small serving of soba) (1,720 JPY (excl. tax)), and the “Koto Saisai Azuma Bento” (2,350 JPY (excl. tax)), which is a high-grade meal that consists of vegetarian “shojin ryori” topped with seafood. There are plenty of seats available in this restaurant and the private rooms on the second floor can be reserved, so how about trying out different dishes when you come in a large group? For dessert, try the gelato that is fused with buckwheat seeds.

2. Kamakura Minemoto Hachimangu-mae Main Branch

3. Chihanaan

Chihanaan is a specialty restaurant that is popular among soba lovers. This place offers “tabekurabe” (taste and compare) courses that let guests taste two kinds of “zaru soba” (soba served on a draining basket, accompanied by a dipping sauce) from different sources. You can choose the amount of the soba on your tray from a choice between two types of soba. Its specialty meal is the “Tennen Oebi to Yasaiten Zaru Soba Tabekurabe” (taste-and-compare course of zaru soba with natural lobster and vegetable tempura) (2,800 JPY (incl. tax)) for two kinds of zaru soba, and 2,130 JPY (incl. tax) for two kinds of small servings of zaru soba). You can also taste and compare soba with grated daikon radish, grated yam and duck soup. Further, they also have carefully selected Japanese sake and snacks that change every day, as well as an extensive list of side dishes such as “Sobaya no Dashimaki Tamago” (rolled Japanese-style omelet) (680 JPY (incl. tax)) and “Kamakura Shirasu Oroshi” (young sardines with grated daikon radish) (380 JPY (incl. tax)). This place is recommended to people who want to enjoy soba while drinking alcohol.

4. Yamasato Dankazura Branch

Located at a spot that is a 5-minute walk from Kamakura Station, Yamasato is a restaurant that serves “Zaru Cha Soba” (green tea zaru soba) (730 JPY), “Tororo Soba” (soba with grated yam on top) (920 JPY) and “Sansai Soba” (soba with edible wild plants) (870 JPY), as well as “kishimen” (broad and flat noodles) and “kamameshi” (rice cooked iwth meat and vegetables in a pot). This shop’s bestsellers are its desserts. It offers a wide array of desserts, including the “Matcha Cream Anmitsu” (a bowl of anko bean paste, agar jelly, and fruit with sugar syrup poured over them) (780 JPY) that uses “tsubuan” (coarse red bean paste) that is light on the sweetness, rich matcha (green tea) and other special ingredients, as well as the “Shiratama Shiruko” (red bean soup with pieces of rice flour dumplings) (730 JPY). If you are someone who must have dessert after a meal, then you have to check out this place. During lunchtime, they also offer free “Hitokuchi Warabimochi” (bite-sized dumpling made with bracken starch), available only while supplies last.

5. Kamakura Hase Shiori-An

Kamakura Hase Shiori-An, located along the road that stretches from Hase Station to Kotoku-in which is famous for its great Buddha statue of Kamakura, is a shop that just opened in March 2016. It serves two kinds of “seiro soba” (soba that is served on a wickerwork tray): the “Seiro Soba” (900 JPY) that comes with soba sauce made from bonito soup, and the “Shojin Seiro Soba” (900 JPY) that is accompanied with soup stock from kombu (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms. Add 100 JPY and you will be able to taste and compare two kinds of soba. The “Shojin Seiro Soba” is also recommended as a vegetarian dish. There is also a wide array of “tsuyu soba” (soba in a soup) such as the “Sudachi Soba” (“sudachi” is a type of citrus) (1,200 JPY). This shop also offers desserts of the perfect size, such as the “Kinako Mochi Ice Monaka” (wafer cake filled with ice cream and rice flour dumpling) (400 JPY).

5. Kamakura Hase Shiori-An

Please use this article as reference and try various filling soba dishes when you go sightseeing in Kamakura.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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