Enjoy the Picturesque Scenery! Five Spots in Kagawa with Fantastic Views

Kagawa Prefecture is in the northwest of the island of Shikoku. It is the smallest prefecture in Japan, but has fantastic scenery thanks to its location facing the Seto Inland Sea and its rich nature. This time, we introduce five spots with beautiful scenery to visit when in Kagawa Prefecture.

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1. Angel Road

Angel Road is a sandy path that only appears for about two hours twice a day around low tide. It is a sandy beach that connects Benten Island, a small island to the south of Shodo Island, with three more islands to the south of it. It is a magical path that appears and disappears depending on the tide, with a story that if you walk it hand in hand with that special someone, an angel will come down to earth in the middle of the sandbar to make your wishes come true. There is a monument with a bell at the Yakusoku-no-oka Observatory near the entrance to Angel Road. It is on a hill so that you can see a beautiful view created by the sea, beach and islands.

2. Kankakei

Kankakei, which is just about in the middle of Shodo Island, is a beautiful valley that is considered to be one of the three most scenic valleys in Japan. Rocks that were created as a result of volcanic activity about 13 million years ago have been formed through changes in the earth's crust and erosion by wind and rain into a majestic scenery with stretches of strangely shaped rocks and bizarre stones​. At this location, you can enjoy a vast panorama of the sky and the ocean and the beautiful valley with seasonal decorations such as the fresh verdure of the early summer and colorful foliage of the fall. There is a hiking trail that takes about an hour to get to the top as well as a ropeway that goes up the deep ravine (1,470 JPY roundtrip/adult). On the ropeway, you can feel as if you are taking a midair walk with a view of the rocks nearby.

3. Mt. Shiude

The view from Mt. Shiude in the middle of Shonai Peninsula at the western edge of Kagawa Prefecture is also recommended. It is at an altitude of 352m and is surrounded by ocean on three side so has fantastic views. The islands on the Seto Inland Sea, the ocean gleaming in the sun and the Great Seto Bridge can all be seen from an observatory at the top of the mountain. On a clear day, even the Chugoku Region and Shodo Island can be seen. The views at sunset are particularly beautiful. The sun that sets in different colors depending on the time of the year makes the view of the ocean even more beautiful.

4. Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden won the highest accolade of three Michelin stars in the French travel guidebook, Michelin Green Guide Japon. It is a Kaiyu-shiki garden in which you can enjoy a variety of views by strolling around a pond. The undulations in the garden express mountains and valleys with Mt. Shiude as the backdrop. The view from Hirai-ho, an artificial hill made to resemble Mt Fuji, is the most beautiful in the garden. The bridge in the form of a crescent moon visible from the summit, a building facing the pond, and the huge pine tree beside it, are some highlights to look out for.

5. Tsushima Jinja

The shoreline between the two towns of Tadotsu and Takuma is especially beautiful even among the Seto Inland Sea. Tsushima Jinja is a shrine on a small island off of this coast. The beautiful, verdant island surrounded by a calm sea affords views that were depicted in ukiyo-e paintings during the Edo Period (1603 - 1867). The bridge that is the only path to the island is only open on August 4 and 5 each year, when the great summer festival is held. The nearest train station, Tsushimanomiya Station, is also only open during the summer festival season. This is a unique shrine that can only be visited for two days a year and is revered as a rare patron deity of children's growth and health.

Kagawa Prefecture has many spots for beautiful views, particularly of the ocean. When traveling in the area, be sure to visit the locations introduced here and savor the fantastic scenery that is unique to Japan.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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