Five Select Restaurants in Kobe for Kobe Beef Lunches at Great Prices

If you're in Kobe, you'll want to try Kobe beef, which is one of Japan's three major wagyu beefs. It is a brand name beef that only meat that have passed strict inspections are recognized as. This time, we introduce five select restaurants where you can enjoy Kobe beef lunches that are reasonably priced.

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1. Wakita

Wakita is a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant located four minutes on foot from Minatogawa-koen Station. It is a place to enjoy the Kobe Beef that the owner procures himself in a relaxing, casual environment. Teishoku (set menus) with miso soup and rice that are great value for the price are offered at lunchtime—and the must eat dish among them is the Kobe Beef Yakiniku Teishoku (2,871 JPY (excl. tax)). Customers cook the beef on a griddle on the table themselves and enjoy the rich flavors and umami (savory Japanese) flavors of Kobe beef that fill the mouth. The meat tastes even better dipped in the homemade sauce.

2. Yazawa Main Branch

The main branch of Yazawa, which is located five minutes on foot from the Sannomiya and Motomachi Stations, is a popular restaurant that serves champion Kobe beef, that has received the highest award at a Kobe beef competition, at reasonable prices. The recommended lunch item is the Kobe Beef Hitsumabushi (1,800 JPY (excl. tax) and up). It is a box of rice with grilled Kobe beef on top that can be enjoyed in three ways: First, there are the umami flavors of the Kobe beef on its own; next, condiments such as wasabi and mitsuba (Japanese parsley) can be added; and to finish, Japanese-style dashi stock can be poured over it.

3. Kisshokichi Main Branch

The main branch of Kisshokichi, which is located three minutes on foot from Motomachi Station, is dedicated to the quality of the food that it serves. The restaurant purchases the whole cow to source its Kobe Beef, and serves only the best parts from each one. It also offers dishes made with rice and vegetables procured directly from farms, seasonal fish from the Seto Inland Sea, and tiger globefish sent from fishermen in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The recommended weekday lunch item is the Premium Kobe Beef Lunch Course (3,900 JPY (excl. tax and service) and up), which must be reserved beforehand as only 29 are available each day. It is a luxurious course full of Kobe beef from the appetizer through to the main course. There are also other choices, such as the Kobe Beef Steak (2,500 JPY (excl. tax)), that is served with a homemade sauce.

3. Kisshokichi Main Branch

4. TE CHAN GUM Sannomiya Main Branch

Located three minutes on foot from Sannomiya Station, this is a restaurant that has been popular for years among locals for its yakiniku of Japanese Black Kobe beef. The beef that has been selected by highly discerning procurers has a quality level around the A4 and A5 grades. The Secret Sweet and Savory Sauce, which many yakiniku aficionados swear by, is the pride of the restaurant that was developed over a period of approximately ten years. It maximizes the sweetness of the high quality meat with a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. The most popular lunchtime menu item is the Kobe Beef Lunch (2,480 JPY (excl. tax)). It includes a yakiniku of three parts, including the highest quality sirloin. There are menus in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean. There are also English-speaking staff.

4. TE CHAN GUM Sannomiya Main Branch

5. Shin-Nihon

Shin-Nihon is a restaurant that specializes in charcoal-grilled yakiniku located five minutes on foot from Minatogawa-koen Station. It is a great place to enjoy carefully selected A4 to A5 grade Japanese Black Wagyu beef, primarily Kobe beef, at reasonable prices. At lunch time, it offers the Lunch Course (1,400 JPY (incl. tax)) with a yakiniku of salted tongue, Kobe beef and other meats in sauce, including innards. The Yakiniku Lunch (1000 JPY (incl. tax)) with grilled Kobe beef in sauce is recommended for those who want an even more reasonably priced meal.

How was it? Kobe beef can be enjoyed a variety of different ways, such as yakiniku and steak. Try these restaurants and find your favorite one.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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