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Fabulous Views! Farm Experience! Four Tourist Spots to Fully Enjoy Biei in Hokkaido

Biei is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido. It is famous for the beautiful rolling hills that evoke a Western landscape, but have many more areas you'll want to burn into your memory including fantastic scenery and places where you can interact with animals. We introduce four carefully selected spots that are highly recommended in Biei.

【Blue Pond】A Strange Pond with a Mystical Light

This is a pond with a bright blue surface that looks as if paint has been mixed into it. The deep blue color is created by the colloidal phenomenon resulting from groundwater from Shirahige Waterfall that has aluminium in it mixing with the water from Biei River. Its combination with the blighted Japanese Larch trees around it creates a peculiar atmosphere.

Shirogane Blue Pond, Biei

Shirogane, Biei-cho, Hokkaido

【Shirahige Waterfall】A Hidden Waterfall Flowing Between Rocks

This is a powerful waterfall with groundwater of the Tokachidake Mountain Range falling like a white beard through cracks at a height of up to 30m. The white waterfall creates a beautiful contrast with the cobalt blue of the Biei River, which is often called Cobalt River. You can see the powerful flow of the waterfall from Blue River Bridge on Biei River.

Shirahige Waterfall

Shirogane, Biei-cho, Hokkaido

【Taku-shin-kan】Exhibits Shinzo Maeda's Works

This is a gallery that was built in a renovated school in 1987 that exhibits works by the landscape photographer, Shinzo Maeda, who made Biei of the hills famous throughout Japan. Postcards, posters and photography collections are sold.


Takushin, Biei-cho, Hokkaido

【Farms Chiyoda Fureai Animal Ranch】Interact with Animals

This is a farm where you can interact with ponies, horses, jersey cow, sheep, and goats. There are activities for individuals, such as feeding (100 JPY/bag of solid feed) and feeding milk to calf (600 JPY, at limited times, may be cancelled depending on the number of feeding) as well as group activities such as food processing (reservation required).

Farms Chiyoda Fureai Animal Ranch

4221 Kasugadai, Biei-cho, Hokkaido

It would be nice to relieve the stress of everyday life by enjoying the nature of Biei and interacting with animals.

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 06.29.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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