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Enjoy the View at the Northernmost Point in Japan! Let’s Explore Hokkaido’s Soya Hills

The magnificent rolling hills that spread in the northernmost part of Japan are filled with spots that you can only find in Hokkaido! If you want to chill out and walk around, then the best way to go would be the footpath that they say is a road to enjoy walking. Here is a recommended course for walking and exploring Soya Hills (Soya Kyuryo in Japanese) and Cape Soya (Soya Misaki in Japanese).

Soya Hills is a sloping hilly area that is located behind Cape Soya, the northernmost cape in Japan. The periglacial landform here that was created during the Ice Age has been designated as a Hokkaido Heritage. There are 57 wind power generation facilities in this vast area and the sight of the rows of power-generating windmills is truly unique! There is also a footpath over these hills and embarking on a stroll will let you see many remarkable spots on the way, including the beautiful Shiroi Michi (White Road) that is paved with scallop shells.

Relax and stroll the footpath at Soya Hills!

At Soya Hills, there is a footpath that is split into the long course (approximately 4 hours) and the short course (approximately 2 hours). Take any of these paths and enjoy the great outdoors while walking. Here is the long course that you might want to try!

1. Monument of the Northernmost Point in Japan

Start at the monument of the northernmost part in Japan that is designed like a triangular pyramid that represents a ridge of the North Star!

2. Cape Soya Lighthouse

Painted red and white, the Cape Soya Lighthouse is the third oldest lighthouse in Hokkaido.

3. Windmills

The sight of 57 windmills which boast of the ability to generate 5,700kw of power packs a punch!

4. Periglacial Landform

This landform was created during the Ice Age that occurred more than 10,000 years ago!

5. Soya Itsukushima Shrine

The goal in this course is the Soya Itsukushima Shrine that is believed to have been built in 1782!
There is even a certificate to prove that you have reached Cape Soya!

With the official certificate issued by the Wakkanai Sightseeing Association, the date you arrived at the cape will be written at the back. It is definitely recommended as a memento of your trip!
You can buy this certificate at the souvenir shop Kashiwaya Shoten that is located in Cape Soya (100 JPY per certificate). There is also a drift ice museum in this shop where you can see and touch drift ice in -10℃ and below temperature, so check it out!

There are so many pretty rare but superb views in the northernmost area in Japan. So, please take your time when you explore Soya Hills and Cape Soya.

Cape Soya

Soyamisaki, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.19.2016]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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