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The Northernmost City in Japan! 4 Sightseeing Spots in Hokkaido’s Wakkanai Area

There are still a lot of noteworthy tourist spots in Wakkanai. Here are four spots in this area where you would surely want to take a souvenir photo of the picturesque landscape, along with an aquarium in the northernmost region in the country and other spots that you have to check out together with a trip to Soya Misaki (Soya Cape) and Soya Kyuryo (Soya Hills).

Esandomari Fishing Harbor

Esandomari Fishing Harbor is a park boasting a beautiful night landscape that is located in Cape Noshappu, west of Wakkanai. You have got to see the utterly moving scene here of the slowly setting sun over the Sea of Japan as it paints the sea a golden color, with Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri) rising in the horizon! The romantic view of the sunset in this place is very popular among photographers and couples. This park is marked by the monument of a dolphin at the center.

Esandomari Fishing Harbor

2 Noshappu, Wakkanai–shi, Hokkaido

Lake Onuma Bird House

Lake Onuma Bird House is an observatory and rest area that looks like a log house. Here, this is an observation room that has been set up for visitors to see swans and many other water birds that come to Lake Onuma. Binoculars and telescopes can be borrowed free of charge, so you can drop in anytime empty-handed!

The swans fly to the lake from late-March to late-May, and from October to November

Lake Onuma Bird House

Koetoi, Koetoi-mura, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido

Wakkanai Youth's & Children's Science Museum

The Wakkanai Youth's & Children’s Science Museum is a place that features such exhibits as the one on data and documents related to Antarctic exploration. Here, guests will be able to experience constellations that sparkle in the evening sky at Wakkanai, as well as explore the world of celestial bodies, through an astronomical observatory and planetarium. The planetarium at this museum is the oldest working planetarium in all of Hokkaido! There is also an exhibit of observation ships (photos) have been in operation since Japan's 51st Antactic Expedition and are still in operation today as well as a 1/50 replica of the second generation of the icebreaker Shirase.

Wakkanai Youth & Children's Science Museum

2-2-16 Noshappu, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido

Noshappu Aquarium

The Noshappu Aquarium is an aquarium that is located in the northernmost tip of Japan where about 1,000 marine creatures of 100 species breed, centering on aquatic animals that inhabit the North Sea. There are plenty of adorable marine creatures here, including the spotted seals, penguins, sea angels, and lumpfish. In the summer, the seals and penguins even perform in shows held at the outdoor pool! And from April through October, the seal feeding experience (100 JPY per can of feed) is very popular. You just might see them jump in their scramble for feed with sea birds.

Noshappu Cold Current Museum

2-2-17 Noshappu, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.21.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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