[Hokkaido] A Treasure Trove of Activities! Top Things to Do in Niseko This Summer

The town of Niseko in Hokkaido is surrounded by nature. There is a plethora of outdoor activities in Niseko for you to enjoy the whole year round, while at the same time getting your fill of the natural environment. This article will list some of the best summertime activities on offer in Niseko!

Summer Climate in Niseko

The temperature of Hokkaido summers hovers around a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius, and there are very few days where it goes over 30 degrees. Among all of the areas in Hokkaido, Niseko remains particularly comfortable. For example, even if it is more than 30 degrees in Tokyo, it is often the case that it is still pleasantly cool in Niseko. However, while it may be pleasant during the day, the mornings and evenings can get a bit chilly, so it is a good idea to bring a light jacket with you. With that said, here are some of the most enjoyable ways to spend the Niseko summer!

Summer Climate in Niseko

Canoe Tours

Canoe tours involve boarding a canoe and using a paddle to guide yourself along a river, or through a sea or lake. This water sport has been gaining popularity and offers a number of different delights in one package, such as allowing you to experience nature from up-close, as well as the thrill of riding the rapid flow of a river basin. You can participate in canoe tours all across Japan, but only in Niseko can you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Shiribetsu River, a river that has been endowed 17 times with the honor of most pristine body of water in Japan. The canoe tours organized by the Niseko Outdoor Center on the Shiribetsu River are particularly recommended for beginners looking for a safe experience. Be sure to check it out!

Canoe Tours

138 Soga, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Nature Trekking

Nature trekking refers to a leisurely stroll on mountain paths with the aim of taking in the majestic nature, as opposed to a more traditional style of mountaineering where the goal is to reach the summit. Nature trekking is the perfect summer activity, allowing you to experience the picturesque scenery of the four distinct seasons, as well as the chirping of the birds and the gentle summer breeze. Niseko is surrounded by mountains and luscious greenery, making it a particularly great spot for trekking! The tours offered by are perfect for beginners and those traveling with children. Enjoy the walk at your own pace and take a picture of the picturesque scenery that you experience along the way!

Climbing Mt. Yotei

Mt. Yotei is a famous peak synonymous with Hokkaido that visitors are free to climb. Mt. Yotei has been selected as one of top 100 famous Japanese mountains and is lauded for its beauty. Moreover, its cone-shaped peak is said to resemble that of Mt. Fuji. Between July and early August, more than 100 varieties of flora can be found in bloom on the mountain at a height of more than 1,700m. At the foot of the mountain, luscious greenery extends out before you and allows you to experience the power of nature, making this hiking spot a must-visit. The different tours take different paths up the mountain, so pick out a course you're interested in and get climbing! The tours offered by Vacation Niseko also include a stay in a mountainside hut.


Rafting is a thrilling activity that involves boarding a boat and using a paddle to navigate fast-flowing waters downstream. It is the most popular summer activity in Niseko and many people visit the area every year to experience it. There are many great aspects, such as leisurely gazing upon the beautiful scenery surrounding the Shiribetsu River, and enjoying the thrill of going down the fast-flowing river. The tours offered by the Niseko Adventure Center are not limited to rafting, but also offer you the chance to take a plunge into the water. The memories of working with your raft-mates to navigate the river are sure to remain with you for the rest of your life.
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Why not make some precious memories this summer while getting in touch with the beautiful natural wonders of Niseko?

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